Driving All-Terrain: Special Licenses & Training for ATVs

Date posted: 07/05/2012

by Nadia Ibanez on
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1307 Driving All Terrain: Special Licenses & Training for ATVs

Ready to hit the open road? Ready for adventure? Ready to rev your engine?

Then, maybe you’re ready to get behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Before you haul out, though, you’ll want to know some basic information about driving an ATV.

Specific ATV rules and regulations vary by state, but read on for a few key facts to prepare for your next joy ride.

Age Restrictions for Driving an ATV

Age restrictions upon ATV usage vary by state.

Some states allow folks of any age to drive ATVs; other states require that younger motorists drive under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Still, some states restrict ATV use to people 16 or 18 years of age and older.

Special Licenses for ATV Drivers

In addition to age restrictions, some states require ATV drivers to obtain a special license for operating a sports vehicle.

Sometimes, the necessity of a special license hinges upon the type of ATV you drive. For example, in Arizona, you can operate a four-wheeled ATV with your standard drivers license; but, if you drive a three-wheeled ATV, you need a motorcycle license.

Some states require ATV drivers to pass a safety certification test before receiving a special license.

Benefits of Restrictions on ATV Usage

If your state places restrictions on ATV usage, you might feel disappointed to realize you can’t simply hop on your ride and hit the back roads.

Keep in mind that your state has your safety in mind. Restrictions might seem like a drag, but they help protect you and your fellow off-roaders from accidents and mishaps.

When you follow your state’s safety precautions, you can feel more carefree when you adventure out on the open road.

Do you operate an ATV? Did you state require you get a special license or have any specific training?

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