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Driver Handbook Topics: Traffic Laws, Road Signs, and More

Date posted: 06/12/2012

by Nadia Ibanez on
in Driver Handbook

736 Driver Handbook Topics: Traffic Laws, Road Signs, and More

Much responsibility comes with driving on the roads throughout your state. Not only do you have to maintain safety for yourself and those in your vehicle, but you also have to keep in mind the safety of other drivers and pedestrians on the street.

With that being said, understanding the rules of the road is imperative.

One of the best manuals to abide by when driving is your state’s driver handbook. Whether you’re studying for your drivers license test or are simply looking to freshen up your knowledge of rules and regulations, the driver handbook is the way to go.

Driver Handbooks Cover Testing, Licenses, and Road Rules

Studying your state’s handbook will not only prepare you for driving in the real world, but will also help you pass the driver test.

Some of the topics covered in the driver manual include:

  • New laws. As national and regional driving laws change, they will be added to the handbook.
  • Driver definitions, including who can be licensed and which license a driver needs (such as regular, motorcycle, or commercial).
  • How to obtain a license, the different types of licenses and required documents.
  • Minors’ permit requirements and restrictions.
  • Licensing information, including replacements, renewals, organ donation, identification cards, driver’s ed, and other general information.
  • Seat belt safety, traffic lights and signs, and general rules of the road. Expect to see information about speed limits, intersections, driving in harsh weather, traffic lane colors, parking, following distances, road sharing, and more.
  • Driver health and safety.
  • Reasons for license suspension and revocation, such as driving under the influence, evading a police officer, financial responsibility, tickets, and reckless driving.
  • A sample practice test or two to test your skills after you finish reading and studying the manual.

NOTE: Not all driver handbooks include each of the above elements. For example, some don’t provide practice tests. Don’t think that if your handbook doesn’t provide it, you don’t need it. Practice tests are valuable tools to study for – and pass – the license test. Look for free and low-cost practice tests with third-party providers.

Motorcycles and Commercial Vehicles

Keep in mind that the driver handbooks for commercial vehicles and motorcycles are a bit different and cater to the mechanics of each vehicle.

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