A wallet with cash lying in the grass
5 Important Steps If You Lost Your Drivers License by Richard Beaty on

It might be impossible to avoid losing your wallet, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your identity with it. All is not lost if you educate yourself and take a proactive approach. But many people don’t, and even fewer expect to be the next victim of identity theft. Thieves bank on that—literally. The […]

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Flooded car
Buyer Beware of Cars Damaged in Hurricane Sandy by Melissa Crumish on

In you’re in the market for a new or used car, be on the alert for flood-damaged vehicles from Hurricane Sandy. This warning applies to all buyers across the United States. Unfortunately, there are underhanded dealers who dry and clean flooded vehicles, wash the titles (remove the word “salvage” from the title), and then ship […]

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Typing on Keyboard
Who Can Access Criminal Records by Kat Saks on

Think your criminal history is under lock and key? Think again. Criminal records are far from confidential. Learn more about who can access criminal records. Who Can Access Criminal Records? Criminal records are public knowledge. So, for better or worse, anyone can access an individual’s criminal records. Why Would Someone Want to Access Your Criminal Record? […]

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