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Man driving and using phone

April is Distracted Driving Month

by Theresa Fine on

Are You a Distracted Driver? You’ve seen a woman on the phone drift across lanes. You’ve seen a man brushing his hair slam on his brakes. You’ve seen a teen texting and almost hit another car. You’ve probably been that woman, man, or teen, and you’ve probably experienced those close calls firsthand. But have you […]

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Gas Saving Fibs by Jeff Wozer on

Summer’s driving season is upon us and with it comes the usual hubbub of gas saving tips. Most are valid, others Internet-fueled whoppers. To help you sift through truth and fiction we’ve lashed together a list of Gas Saving Myth Busters. Clean Air Filters Improve Gas Mileage According to Consumer Reports, the Marshall Dillon of […]

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Drunk looking man on tricycle
Bicycling While Boozing by Jeff Wozer on

Yesterday’s Bike to Work Day had many car hounds scratching their heads as they noticed an inordinate number of people walking around the office with matted bike-helmet hair, shouting “on your left” while walking past in the hallway. But for those who have been well aware that National Bike Month is upon us—those who’ve been […]

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