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Traffic ticket attorney

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

by Jen Lamboy on

Traffic tickets can impact drivers in numerous ways for multiple years. We’re talking steep fines, car insurance rate hikes and more. It’s no wonder seeing flashing lights in the rearview mirror brings some motorists to tears. But getting pulled over doesn’t always have to sting so painfully—especially if you hire a traffic ticket attorney. Keep […]

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Woman shrugging after getting a traffic ticket
Traffic Ticket Myths by Jen Lamboy on

We’ve all heard them: “You can’t get a traffic ticket for driving under the posted speed limit.” Or, “Driving with the flow of traffic prevents you from getting a speeding ticket.” The opinions out there are just as numerous as actual traffic laws. But what’s the truth? We chatted with a few ex cops to […]

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Police officer talking to a driver
Top Traffic Ticket Excuses by Jen Lamboy on

It takes a skilled artist to craft an excuse so fantastic that it defies traffic tickets. In fact, one former cop admitted to us that only the utmost creativity could sway him from handing over a citation. But who are these people? And more importantly, what are they saying that actually works? In search of […]

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Police officer talking to a driver
How to Avoid a Vehicle Search by Jen Lamboy on

Plain and simple, you have the right to refuse consent to a vehicle search. Yet, in the heat of a traffic stop, many drivers with something to hide worsen matters by allowing the cop to snoop inside their cars. Perhaps they think being cooperative will carry more weight and put them in better standing with […]

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Police officer handing a driver a ticket
Flirting Your Way Out of a Traffic Ticket by Jen Lamboy on

The decision to flirt after getting pulled over is not an easy one to make. Especially when you consider all the ways you could respond to, ‘do you know why I stopped you?’ There’s the white lie approach, honesty, tears, attempts at comedy, etc. And then there’s flirting.

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Police officer in a helmet writing a ticket
Why Pay Traffic Tickets by Jen Lamboy on

Ready to Pay Your Traffic Ticket?  If you’re ready to pay your fine, visit our Paying Traffic Tickets page specific to the state you received your citation. Processes differ between states and counties so check your traffic ticket for specific information. Want to plead not guilty? Visit our Fighting Traffic Tickets page for more information. […]

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