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Articles on topics focused on traffic tickets and violations. Look here for insights and information to help you prevent ending up with points against your driver’s license and spikes in your car insurance premiums.

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The Pros and Cons of Fighting a Traffic Ticket

by Melissa Crumish on

Ready to Fight or Pay Your Traffic Ticket?  Visit our Traffic Tickets page to respond to your citation now. Whether you plan on fighting the charge, or simply paying the fine, you’ll find all the information you need for your specific state. Whether you get a traffic violation because you forgot to use your turn […]

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What’s Covered in a Defensive Driving Course? by Melissa Crumish on

A defensive driving course, or what some call traffic school, benefits all drivers, regardless of age or driving ability. A typical class, which includes online defensive driving programs, covers: Traffic crash statistics, including times when most crashes occur and age groups with the highest accident rates. The dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol […]

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How to Replace a Lost Defensive Driving Completion Certificate by Kathy Teel on

If you rack up a few speeding tickets, the court might require you to attend traffic school. Depending on your state’s laws and your personal situation, what you lose in time you could gain in point reduction on your driver’s license. Courts and insurance companies often require proof that you’ve completed these courses in order […]

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Traffic Signs
Watch Out! The Most Common Road Sign Traffic Tickets by Kathy Teel on

It’s usually easy to see a traffic sign, and most people obey them. However, there are three traffic signs people disregard more than any others – even those who correctly identified them during their road sign practice tests! No U-Turn Traffic Signs This sign means what it says. If you get caught making an illegal […]

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Dealing With Out-of-State Traffic Tickets by Kathy Teel on

This article summarizes what happens when you receive a traffic ticket while traveling out of state. For information about how to deal with traffic tickets from a specific state, visit our Paying Traffic Tickets and Fighting Traffic Tickets pages. Many people believe that out-of-state traffic tickets don’t follow them home. That’s not true. Not only do most states […]

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