Tickets & Violations

Articles on topics focused on traffic tickets and violations. Look here for insights and information to help you prevent ending up with points against your driver’s license and spikes in your car insurance premiums.

Traffic Signs
Watch Out! The Most Common Road Sign Traffic Tickets by Kathy Teel on

It’s usually easy to see a traffic sign, and most people obey them. However, there are three traffic signs people disregard more than any others – even those who correctly identified them during their road sign practice tests! No U-Turn Traffic Signs This sign means what it says. If you get caught making an illegal […]

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Police Car Traveling on the Road
Dealing With Out-of-State Traffic Tickets by Kathy Teel on

This article summarizes what happens when you receive a traffic ticket while traveling out of state. For information about how to deal with traffic tickets from a specific state, visit our Paying Traffic Tickets and Fighting Traffic Tickets pages. Many people believe that out-of-state traffic tickets don’t follow them home. That’s not true. Not only do most states […]

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Man Being Arrested
Traffic Ticket and DUI Penalties for Commercial Drivers by Melissa Crumish on

SUMMARY: Traffic Ticket Penalties for Commercial Drivers  As a commercial driver, you face harsher penalties when it comes to committing traffic violations. This article summarizes some of the penalties you’ll face for both major violations and minor offenses. If you’re ready to pay or fight your traffic ticket, visit the Traffic Tickets page relevant to […]

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Adults in Classroom on the Computer
Attending Traffic School for a Traffic Ticket by Melissa Crumish on

Those darn traffic tickets, huh? Regardless of how unintentional, they punch your wallet and haunt your mind with regret. The more severe the violation, the more severe the penalty, which, in some cases, requires mandatory enrollment in traffic school (excessive speeding tickets usually fall into this category). Mandated Traffic School If the court and/or your […]

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Parking Ticket on Windshield of Truck
Handling a Lost Parking Ticket by Melissa Crumish on

Need Information About Traffic Tickets?  Find state-specific information on our Traffic Tickets page, including how to pay, fight, or find a lost ticket. Just like with lost traffic tickets, a lost parking ticket is not the type of thing to shrug off with “it will eventually show up.” You need to act fast in either […]

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