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Handling a Warrant For Your Arrest

by Kat Saks on

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. If your mistake resulted in a warrant for your arrest, you need to know how to move forward. Read on for suggestions on how to get started. Search For Arrest Warrants Online If rumor has it there is a warrant to arrest you, you might want to confirm […]

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Man Using Computer Mouse
How to Check for Warrants by Kat Saks on

You don’t have to be a private eye or a police officer to check for warrants. Read on to learn how to perform a background check for warrants. Why Do a Warrant Check? Warrant checks aren’t just for law enforcement officers. You might have numerous reasons to search for warrants: You need to know if […]

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Woman Handcuff by Police
The Scoop on Warrants by Kat Saks on

Whether you forgot to pay a traffic violation fine or just pulled off a bank heist, having a warrant out for your arrest is no laughing matter. An arrest warrant comes with serious consequences. Learn more about what it means to have a warrant so you can steer clear of trouble. What is a Warrant? […]

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Highway Patrol in the Desert
Contesting an Out-of-State Traffic Ticket by Nadia Ibanez on

Ready to Fight Your Out-of-State Traffic Ticket?  If you’re ready to fight your traffic ticket, visit our Fighting Traffic Tickets page specific to the state you received it in. Processes differ between states and counties, so make sure you contact the correct county court. If you’ve changed your mind and want to simply pay the […]

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Woman Pleading with Officer Writing Ticket
Traffic Ticket Myths: What’s Fact and What’s Fiction? by Kat Saks on

Have You Received a Traffic Ticket?  Find out how to take care of a traffic traffic by visiting our Traffic Tickets page. How you pay and fight your traffic ticket will differ depending on the state you were received your citation. When it comes to speeding tickets and other traffic violations, long-accepted “facts” are often […]

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Two people discussing car accident
Using Witnesses When Fighting a Traffic Ticket by Kat Saks on

Mistakes happen. Even the most seasoned drivers sometimes slip up behind the wheel and get stuck with speeding tickets or other traffic tickets. If you receive a speeding ticket or other traffic citation, you might choose to admit guilt and pay the price, or you might decide to contest a traffic ticket instead. If you […]

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Police Car in Side Mirror of Car
The Pros and Cons of Fighting a Traffic Ticket by Melissa Crumish on

Ready to Fight or Pay Your Traffic Ticket?  Visit our Traffic Tickets page to respond to your citation now. Whether you plan on fighting the charge, or simply paying the fine, you’ll find all the information you need for your specific state. Whether you get a traffic violation because you forgot to use your turn […]

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