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Tickets & Violations

Articles on topics focused on traffic tickets and violations. Look here for insights and information to help you prevent ending up with points against your driver’s license and spikes in your car insurance premiums.

Woman in handcuffs

What is a Criminal Record?

by Kat Saks on

A criminal record is a recording of your criminal history. Read on for more about what a criminal record is, including the information it contains and who can access it. What is a Criminal Record? A criminal record is a report on your criminal history. Criminal records can provide information about your past history with […]

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Man talking to a couple and pointing to some paperwork
Expunging a Criminal Record: Wiping the Slate Clean by Kat Saks on

Ready to close the books on a past crime? You might be able to clean your criminal record with an expungement. Expungement procedures vary from state to state. Read on to learn more about expungement and hiring the right person to help you through the process. What is Expungement of a Criminal Record? An expungement […]

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Typing on Keyboard
Who Can Access Criminal Records by Kat Saks on

Think your criminal history is under lock and key? Think again. Criminal records are far from confidential. Learn more about who can access criminal records. Who Can Access Criminal Records? Criminal records are public knowledge. So, for better or worse, anyone can access an individual’s criminal records. Why Would Someone Want to Access Your Criminal Record? […]

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Man Opening a Laptop
How to Access Criminal Records by Kat Saks on

Sometimes, you need to perform a criminal background check to learn more about a person – especially if you’re a potential employer, landlord, or other invested party. Read on to learn how to access criminal records. Reasons to Access Criminal Records Perhaps you need to review your own criminal history and discover what public information […]

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Hand of Businessman Waiting Patiently in a Job Interview
How Criminal Records Affect Employment by Kat Saks on

Most people agree that crime doesn’t pay. You pay the price of your crimes when you serve out your sentence. Unfortunately though, even after you serve the sentence of a conviction, your criminal record can continue to impact many aspects of your life, especially your employment. Learn how a criminal history can affect future employment […]

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Man Researching on Laptop
How to Do An Online Warrant Search by Kat Saks on

Maybe you need to do a background check on a potential employee. Maybe you need to know if the police have a warrant to arrest you. Maybe you background check potential dates with vigilance. Whatever your reasons, you can search for warrants fairly easily online. Learn how to perform an online background check to uncover […]

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Man in handcuffs
How to Prevent Getting a Warrant by Kat Saks on

Even if “Trouble” is your middle name, you probably don’t relish the thought of getting into trouble with the law. Having a warrant out for your arrest can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Learn how to stay out of hot water with the law and avoid getting an arrest warrant. Consequence of an Arrest Warrant […]

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