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Undocumented drivers are making California's roads safer--but they're under attack elsewhere.

Illegal & Behind the Wheel: How Undocumented Drivers Treat Our Roads—And How They’re Treated for It

by Bridget Clerkin on

California is not exactly known for its breezy highway driving. The state’s roads snake their way through its highly populated areas, gaining lanes and traffic as they go, until eventually—inevitably—they get absorbed by a freeway, like tributaries depositing into a river. And in 2015, California added more than 605,000 drivers to that flow—all of whom […]

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Handicapped Parking Spot
California Cracks Down on Misuse of Disabled Placards by Tierney Brannigan on

Earlier this month, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) cracked down on the illegal use of disability parking placards. The initial sweep took place in Sacramento, yielding 13 citations in just one day. A group of plainclothes CA DMV enforcement officers patrolled city blocks surrounding the Capitol. Anytime someone parked in a disabled parking […]

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Smoking Computer with No Heartbeat
Vermont DMV Hampered by Old Computers by Bridget Clerkin on

Up to 3,000 traffic cases in Vermont may be affected by the state Judicial Bureau’s outdated computer system, essentially causing the Green Mountain State to temporarily stop prosecuting one of its most common crimes. The antiquated system has muddled the lines of communication between the bureau and the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), therefore […]

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Don't Text & Drive!
Oklahoma to Outlaw Texting While Driving by Bridget Clerkin on

Starting next month, Oklahoma residents will say TTYL to texting while driving. Using a hand-held electronic device to manually compose, send, or read an electronicmessage while your vehicle is in motion will officially become a primary offense in the Sooner State on November 1. That means you can be pulled over just for texting – […]

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CA Traffic Tickets &Infractions Amnesty Program
California Offers Traffic Debt Amnesty for Millions by Bridget Clerkin on

In an attempt to relieve mounting debt and difficulty for millions of residents, California Governor Jerry Brown has launched an amnesty program for certain unpaid traffic tickets and court fees. Officially adopted on October 1, the program will allow for some drivers to pay only 50 or 80 percent of what they owe, depending on […]

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Bizarre Driving Laws
Bizarre Driving Laws by Nick Musica on

Did you know it’s illegal to drive in Massachusetts with a gorilla in the backseat of your car? It’s true. So if you plan on vacationing in Boston anytime soon think twice about giving Jane Goodall a ride. Crazy driving laws aren’t restricted to Massachusetts. They abound across the country. To keep you aware, we […]

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