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Woman on scooter putting on a helmet

Helmet Laws for Scooters

by Nadia Ibanez on

Motorcycles have always held a certain appeal for some, but in recent years, scooters, mopeds, and other types of motorbikes have gained popularity. As such, lawmakers have created regulations specifically related to these bikes, such as helmet laws. Helmet laws have been around since the 1960s and each state has adopted its own policies. Some […]

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Man on scooter
Safety Tips for Riding Scooters and Mopeds by Cara Hopkins on

There are a lot of great things about scooters. They are much more fuel efficient than cars, less intimidating than a full-on motorcycle, and less tiring than a traditional bike. With more and more people looking to ditch their gas-guzzlers for something sportier, the variety of scooters and mopeds on the market is steadily growing […]

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Cars at night at an intersection
Headlight Laws Vary Little Throughout the Nation by Nadia Ibanez on

It has become second nature for drivers across the country to turn their headlights on at night, during harsh weather, to let others on the road know where you are, and whenever visibility becomes difficult when driving in unfamiliar areas. These extremely helpful lights are so important that states have designed safety laws around them […]

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A dog in a car
Safety Laws On Children, Pets, and Vehicles by Melissa Crumish on

Many states now have safety laws against leaving children and pets unattended in a vehicle. Depending on the state and circumstances, the guilty can be issued a traffic ticket and fined, or, in extreme cases, charged with manslaughter and sentenced to a lengthy jail term. Safety Laws Against Leaving a Child Unattended in a Car Since […]

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A baby in a car
Child Safety Seat Laws: Buckle Up, Kids! by Melissa Crumish on

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, motor vehicle crashes in the United States are the leading cause of death for kids between the ages of three and 14. All the more reason for strict child safety seat laws. Each State Has a Child Safety Seat Law Currently, all 50 states and the District […]

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