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Spy hiding behin newsppaer in park

5 Reasons to Welcome Big Brother Into Your Car

by Ryan Looney on

Drivers beware. A small, smart, and highly watchful plug-in device might be heading to a steering column near you. But who says Big Brother can’t use its all-seeing powers for good? If you allow your insurer to track certain everyday driving habits, you could be in line for serious car insurance savings. As car insurance […]

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Someone using a phone while driving
California Bans Use of Cell Phone GPS While Driving by Alicia Sparks on

PLEASE NOTE: Since this article was published, Spriggs’ conviction was reversed by the 5th District Court of Appeal. However, any form of distracted driving may still result in a traffic ticket. Distracted driving has been catching the attention of lawmakers countrywide. Today, 20% of US states ban hand-held cell phone use while driving, while another […]

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Woman on phone while driving
Who’s Responsible to End Distracted Driving? by Richard Beaty on

Texting. Talking on the phone. Twittering and Facebook. Searching for driving directions. All examples of how our modern tools for digital communication (cell phones) can lead to distractions on our roadways, accidents, and unfortunately, the loss of life.  But in the end, who is responsible for fixing the problem of distracted driving? Individuals? At present, […]

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Cars in Traffic
What is a 511 Traffic System? by Melissa Crumish on

The 511 traffic system allows you to access up-to-the-minute road information via phone or Web for your particular state or city. There are no statewide blanket reports. Instead, through 511 you can access information for specific routes on weather, road conditions, traffic, and public transportation interruptions. The History of 511 Traffic Systems Before the 511 […]

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Man Talking on Cell Phone beside his car
511 Deployment Status in Your State by Melissa Crumish on

The 511 traffic system allows you to access up-to-the-minute road conditions for specific routes in your designated area. In most instances you can access 511 via phone, Internet, or a smartphone app, but of course this depends on your city and state. Does Your State Have 511? Currently, 511 traffic systems can be accessed in […]

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Woman Talking on Cell Phone
Using 511 From Your Cell Phone by Melissa Crumish on

You may access the 511 traffic system using your phone (cell or landline) if you reside or are traveling in any of the following cities are states: Alaska Arizona ARTIMIS (Northern Kentucky – Cincinnati) Colorado Eastern Sierras, California Florida Georgia Idaho Inland Empire (Souther California) Iowa Kansas Kentucky Los Angeles Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Minnesota […]

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Road Closed Sign
Types of Info Via 511 Traffic Systems by Melissa Crumish on

Immediate access to road conditions is the genius of the 511 traffic system. With the 511 traffic system, you can access this information from the Internet, your phone (cell or landline), or a smartphone app. 511 Traffic System Availability 511 traffic systems are currently available in the following cities and states: Alaska Arizona ARTIMIS (Northern […]

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