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Big Brother is watching: new software may be able to catch drivers texting on the road.

Texting & Driving? Smile for the Camera!

by Tierney Brannigan on

Let’s say you’re driving and expecting an important text message. Then, you hear that familiar sound—your cell phone’s alerting you to a new text. Now, we all know about the dangers of distracted driving, but you’re sitting at a red light, and a quick scan of your surroundings indicates there aren’t any police around. What […]

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NJ Plans to Crack Down on Drinking (Coffee) and Driving by Bridget Clerkin on

For decades, drivers around the country have been warned not to drink and drive, but for New Jersey motorists, that rule may soon apply to another accident-causing, dark brown, bitter liquid: coffee. The caffeinated substance is in the crosshairs of a new bill being shopped around the state legislature that would make drinking coffee while […]

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Pokémon NO: Why You Shouldn’t Catch and Drive by Bridget Clerkin on

What has higher HP, your Charizard—or your car? Several battles have been waged between the two lately, and so far, the cars have been taking much more damage. For those who are unaware, a phenomenon by the name of Pokémon GO was recently unleashed upon the world, and the fallout from the planet’s first widespread […]

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Head-up system technology in car. Vector illustration
The Future of Car Safety by Bridget Clerkin on

Distracted driving is an epidemic responsible for claiming a growing number of lives each year. But some of those same technologies so frequently responsible for taking our eyes off the road are being reworked to help ensure we drive more safely. In fact, the future of our driving safety rests largely in the hands of […]

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Angry Driver C
5 Must-Read Tips for a Stress Free Commute by Jason Biggs on

A long commute in heavy traffic is a fact of life for many of us. We’d like to share some great tips that will keep you safe and in the right state of mind when you’re going to work or headed for home, sweet home. 1. “Go” Before You Go If you’re the type that […]

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man typing text message while sitting in the car
Distracted Driving Triple Threats by Bridget Clerkin on

In an endlessly connected world—where our cars talk to us nearly as much as our passengers do, vehicle entertainment systems are racing to be the best and biggest, and a text, tweet, or status update is no further than a pocket or purse away—there are plenty of ways to drive distracted. There are three main […]

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