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July is a hot time for hot cars: Most vehicles are stolen during the summer month, which is why the NHTSA has dubbed it National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

July Is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

by Ryan Gallagher on

A driver’s worst nightmare is usually traffic, road rage, or increasing gas prices. However, seldom do individuals stop to think about vehicle theft. It’s a scary thought, but nearly half of all car thefts occur when drivers fail to take a few simple precautions. In addition, the summer season ranks highest when it comes to […]

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Self-driving cars can't quite figure out how to avoid kangaroos in Australia.
Self-Driving Cars Can’t Even with Kangaroos by Bridget Clerkin on

When it comes to braking for animals, self-driving cars are getting bamb-roo-zled in Australia. Kangaroos are completely confounding autonomous vehicles being tested Down Under—and it’s all in the way they hop. A car’s computer can’t tell how far away the iconic creatures are when they’re mid-jump, making the autonomous vehicle artificially think twice about what […]

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Teens are more likely to get into car accidents in the summer time, chiefly because they are easily distracted by passengers.
Dog Days of Summer Are Deadly Dangerous for Teen Drivers by Bridget Clerkin on

With long days, warm nights, and no school to speak of, summer is the season where teenagers practice carefree living—and careless driving. Deadly car crashes involving drivers age 16 through 19 jump 15 percent during the period bookended by Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Over the past 5 […]

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Mather's Hole in Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado.
Road Trip: Life Finds a Way Along the Dinosaur Diamond by Bridget Clerkin on

There’s something undeniably mystical about the high desert. There’s beauty in its barren stretches and tenacity in its strange flora. There are wisps of yellows, oranges, and reds, swirling and unfurling like ribbons across the ground, stacked on top of one another in sedimentary color-blocks, or climbing up the tall rocks that have weathered so […]

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A new Indiana law requires police to contact a victim's next-of-kin immediately following an accident.
Indiana BMV Will Maintain Emergency Contacts Lists for Its Citizens by Allison Perrine on

Indiana citizens will soon get back precious moments between a loved one’s car accident and being notified of the situation. This spring, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1084, which helps law enforcement quickly notify victims’ emergency contacts after responding to serious car crashes. The bill requires the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) […]

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Ford Motor Company is planning to build its Focus model in China beginning in 2019.
Ford Recalls Over 400,000 Vehicles for Safety Concerns by Allison Perrine on

Last week, Ford Motor Company recalled over 400,000 Transit vans due to potentially-defective drive shafts, which could cause the vehicles to lose power. No accidents or injuries have yet resulted from this issue. On Wednesday, Ford recalled 402,462 North American Transit vans, buses, and chassis cabs. Of this total, 370,630 vehicles were in the U.S., Ford […]

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