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The U.S. Congress is looking to federalize all self-driving vehicle regulations, taking the power to do so out of the hands of states.

Who’s the Boss? Congress Eyes Autonomous Vehicle Rules that Would Wipe Out States’ Oversight of the Technology

by Bridget Clerkin on

The more friction an object encounters, the more slowly it will travel through space. It’s a basic law of physics—and, it seems, the basis of potential new laws about self-driving cars. A group of new federal proposals concerning the technology was recently released for review, offering a first glimpse at how driverless vehicles could be […]

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When temps go up outside, the temperature inside your car can become deadly.
11 Children Dead of Vehicular Heatstroke Already in 2017 by Bridget Clerkin on

Ten minutes, 20 degrees, and one tragic mistake are all it takes. Summer has barely begun and already 11 children have died due to vehicular-related heatstroke this year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA). The deadly pace puts the country on par with last summer, when 39 children died from the condition. […]

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Apple's CarPlay will bring popular apps from the iPhone inside your car—with an eye to cut down on distracted driving through voice controls and limited access.
Eager for an Apple Car? There’s an App for That—Sort Of by Bridget Clerkin on

Millions of loyal Apple fans and followers let out a collective cheer last month when the tech company made the most telling—and public—signal yet that its autonomous auto ambitions were still very much alive. But what, exactly, would an Apple car be like? As is typical for the widely-watched Silicon Valley fixture, the speculation began […]

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iOS 11: Apple to Roll Out Anti-Distracted Driving Feature by Tierney Brannigan on

A Monday Apple announcement will keep the doctor (and citations) away. In a move to encourage distraction-free driving, Apple plans to include a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” (DNDWD) function with their iOS 11 software update for iPhones. The DNDWD setting will detect when you’re driving via the iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. While behind-the-wheel, your […]

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