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Who Can Access Criminal Records

by Kat Saks on

Think your criminal history is under lock and key? Think again. Criminal records are far from confidential. Learn more about who can access criminal records. Who Can Access Criminal Records? Criminal records are public knowledge. So, for better or worse, anyone can access an individual’s criminal records. Why Would Someone Want to Access Your Criminal Record? […]

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Man Opening a Laptop
How to Access Criminal Records by Kat Saks on

Sometimes, you need to perform a criminal background check to learn more about a person – especially if you’re a potential employer, landlord, or other invested party. Read on to learn how to access criminal records. Reasons to Access Criminal Records Perhaps you need to review your own criminal history and discover what public information […]

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Hand of Businessman Waiting Patiently in a Job Interview
How Criminal Records Affect Employment by Kat Saks on

Most people agree that crime doesn’t pay. You pay the price of your crimes when you serve out your sentence. Unfortunately though, even after you serve the sentence of a conviction, your criminal record can continue to impact many aspects of your life, especially your employment. Learn how a criminal history can affect future employment […]

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Young Woman in Traffic School
Benefits of Traffic School by Melissa Crumish on

There’s a misnomer that traffic schools are adult versions of detention, reserved only for unprincipled drivers with a long history of traffic tickets, speeding tickets and DUI convictions. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Traffic schools are open to all drivers, regardless of ability or record, affording an impressive list of  benefits: You’ll improve your […]

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Hands on a steering wheel
How (and Why) to Check Your Driver’s License Status by Nadia Ibanez on

Whether you’re a seasoned motorist or just got your driver’s license last month, mistakes – to the tune of traffic tickets and car accidents – happen. It’s okay. We’re all human. However, mistakes bring consequences, and in the driving world, consequences affect your driving privileges. Thus, it’s vital to stay on top of your license […]

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A man driving a car
Driving Record Point Removal: Keep Your License in Good Standing by Melissa Crumish on

The Ouch Behind Points on Driving Records Driving record points are kind of like the driving world’s version of bad tattoos: As soon as you get them you repeatedly chastise your decision-making skills while doing everything possible to have them removed. Unlike bad tattoos, though, driving record points can cause a driver’s license suspension or […]

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Car Pulled Over By Police officer
Checking Your Driving Record for Traffic Tickets by Josh Tyson on

So, you’ve lost track of your traffic tickets, eh? Or, maybe the better scenario is, it’s been a while since that last traffic violation and you aren’t sure about its details, i.e. the exact nature of the offense, whether you accumulated points, and how long it will remain on your record. Even better, you got […]

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