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Getting a Duplicate Title With a Lien

by Alicia Sparks on

So, you need to replace your vehicle title but the bank technically still owns your car? Don’t worry. Title transfers are a huge part of every motor vehicle agency’s business, so most, if not all, states have a few simple steps in place for replacing a lost title when the vehicle has a lienholder. 1. […]

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Requirements for Replacing a Lost or Damaged Title by Melissa Crumish on

If you’ve lost your vehicle title or if it inadvertently got fed into the shredder, you need to order a duplicate title. Even if your car is not on the market, you’ll eventually need the title for when the day comes to sell. Regardless of what state you call home, all title transfers require vehicle […]

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Using Power of Attorney to Obtain a Duplicate Title by Melissa Crumish on

It staggers the mind how vehicle titles go missing as readily as socks in a laundromat. Especially given the importance of the document for conducting title transfers. The only good that comes from this is that Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices have become well practiced in processing duplicate title applications. The state motor vehicle […]

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Keeping Track of Your Vehicle Title and Other Paperwork by Kat Saks on

Vehicle ownership comes with its fair share of paperwork. When you have a slew of documents related to your ride, keeping track of everything can be tough. But, replacing a lost title, proof of registration, and proof of insurance can be even tougher! Save yourself some hassle with these tips for keeping track of your […]

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How to Replace a Lost Motorcycle Title by Kat Saks on

Did you leave your motorcycle title in the dust? A vehicle title should always be kept in a safe place, but sometimes even the most important documents go MIA. If you can’t find yours, you’ll need to get a replacement motorcycle title. Read on to learn how to handle a lost motorcycle title. Request a […]

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