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Man Fabricating Car Parts

How to Salvage a Car: Rebuild and Register a Salvaged Auto

by Melissa Crumish on

If high prices are thwarting your quest to purchase a new or used car, consider buying a salvaged vehicle and rebuilding it. By definition, a salvaged vehicle is one that has been declared a total loss and, in its current state, cannot be registered or driven. Auto auctions often feature salvage cars at bargain prices. […]

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Couple Shopping for New Car
Telltale Signs of a Salvaged Vehicle by Nadia Ibanez on

Unfortunately, from a car-buying standpoint, cosmetic repairs sometimes make it difficult to spot a vehicle that’s suffered severe fire, flood, accident, or storm damage. By law, the vehicle should be branded as a salvaged vehicle, but some unscrupulous sellers disguise their salvaged cars’ damage with superficial repairs so they can increase the resale value. Fortunately, however, […]

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Mechanics Working on a Car
What to Do if Your Car Fails an Emissions Test by Nadia Ibanez on

Depending where you call home, you may be required to take your vehicle in for a smog check. Pass and you’ll be given a certificate, allowing you to register the vehicle. Fail and you’ll need to make the necessary repairs (out of your pocket) in order to make your vehicle smog-compliant.   Failing the Emissions […]

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Cars in the City
Do You Know Your State’s Smog and Vehicle Emissions Requirements? by Melissa Crumish on

A smog check is only required in designated states, cities, and counties, usually in conjunction with the vehicle registration process. Your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will alert you if an emissions test is required. Each emissions testing program is governed differently, but in general the following vehicles are exempt from testing: New vehicles that […]

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Mechanic Working on Car
How and Where to Get Your Vehicle Emissions Checked by Melissa Crumish on

Reside in a state or area that requires smog check certification for vehicle registration? If yes, you need to visit a state-approved emissions test station. Any ol’ car mechanic won’t do. Find a Smog Test Station Most states, cities, and regions that require emissions test certification provide handy emissions-specific websites (a select few states merge […]

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Car Causing Pollution and Smog
Why It’s Important to Get Your Emissions Checked by Melissa Crumish on

In life’s “I’ve Got to do This Again Already?” list, a smog check ranks at the top with dental appointments and attending your sister’s kids’ holiday dance recitals. It’s always a test of patience. Regardless of how well you plot your visit, so as to arrive at mid-afternoon on a Tuesday in the middle of […]

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