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RV Home on the Road

What Qualifies as an RV or Motorhome?

by Kathy Teel on

The term “motor home” is often used interchangeably with “RV.”  “Motor home,” however, is an informal phrase, used to describe a variety of recreational vehicles, while “recreational vehicle” (or RV) is a technical and legal term. Understanding which kind of RV or motorhome you have will help you with RV registration. In asking which vehicles […]

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Senior Disabled Man Getting Into the Car
Renewing a Disabled Placard/License Plate by Melissa Crumish on

How long  your handicapped plate (permanent) or placard (temporary) is valid depends on your state and your disability. Read on for info on being allowed to renew. Renew Temporary Disabled Placard In most states, you’ll find temporary handicap placards are valid for: Six months, or The date noted by your certified medical expert on your […]

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Senior Disabled Man and Accessible Van
Drivers with Disabilities: Traveling Out of State by Alicia Sparks on

So, you’re planning a trip. Maybe a much-needed vacation, or you’re going to visit the grandkids for a week. Or, maybe a much-needed vacation after your visit with the grandkids. Whatever the reason for travel, if you’re a disabled driver who holds a handicapped placard or disabled license plate, you might have to visit a […]

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Nurse Assisting Elderly Man
What Qualifies as a Disability? by Alicia Sparks on

Each state sets its own criteria for qualifying disabilities. (By “qualifying,” we mean disabilities that qualify for special disabled parking placards or handicapped license plates – see below.) To find out for sure, check your state’s disabled driver information. Most states consider drivers disabled if they: Don’t have full use of one or both arms. […]

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Woman Receiving Car Keys
Doing Your Homework Before Selling a Car by Nadia Ibanez on

When it comes time to sell your car, there’s a laundry list of things to take care of before you can put it on the market. You have to consider – Gathering all the vehicle’s documents, including the title, Finding the right selling price, Taking care of any last-minute maintenance issues, – and so much […]

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