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Man Examining Engine of a Vintage Car

Get Your Kit Car Checked Out: Custom-Built Car Safety Inspections

by Melissa Crumish on

Your custom-built car is finished and ready to roam, but before you can take your kit car on the road, you need to register it with your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office and obtain license plates. Easy enough, except unlike regular car registration, a kit car first requires passing some or all of the […]

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Red Classic Car
Custom-Built Car Registration: Required Forms and Documents by Nadia Ibanez on

For those of you who are creative visionaries, making and owning a custom-built car is bar none the only way to cruise the city. Understanding the mechanics of a car and finding the most aesthetically pleasing parts is one of the perks of custom-built cars. However, the car registration process – especially the related documentation […]

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Classic Kit Car
Kit Car 101: Understanding Custom-Built Car Registration by Melissa Crumish on

A kit car (also known as a custom-built car or assembled car) is the automobile world’s version of Frankenstein, minus, of course, the crazy, tamped-down hair. These are popular with hobbyists and mechanically inclined people good with building things from scratch. A kit car is generally made from component parts, supplied by manufacturers. In many […]

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Couple Standing in Front of RV
Requirements for Selling a Recreational Vehicle by Melissa Crumish on

The steps for selling a recreational vehicle (RV) are similar to those for selling a used car: Determine the selling price based on fair market value. There are two good sources for this: Kelley Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). In most cases you’ll be presented with several prices with Retail Price […]

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RV Dealership
RV and Motorhome Buying Tips by Kat Saks on

Ready to hit the road in an RV? Before you buy, do some research. Follow these RV buying tips to help you find the best motor home for your needs. Rent an RV First Give your dream-home-on-wheels a spin before you buy. Owning and maintaining a recreational vehicle can be a lot of work. Consider […]

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RV Parked in a Parking Lot
Estimating Your RV Registration Fees and Expenses by Melissa Crumish on

When in the market for a recreational vehicle (RV), be sure to factor in RV registration fees and other registration-related expenses once it’s time to estimate the overall cost. How to Estimate Motorhome Registration Fees You’ll register your motor home through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. Each DMV governs differently, using one, […]

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RV Home on the Road
What Qualifies as an RV or Motorhome? by Kathy Teel on

The term “motor home” is often used interchangeably with “RV.”  “Motor home,” however, is an informal phrase, used to describe a variety of recreational vehicles, while “recreational vehicle” (or RV) is a technical and legal term. Understanding which kind of RV or motorhome you have will help you with RV registration. In asking which vehicles […]

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