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Red Kit Car Fender

What Exactly Are Kit Cars? Custom-Built Cars Defined

by Melissa Crumish on

A custom-built car, or what is also known as a kit car, is, well, as the name implies: a custom-built vehicle. In state vehicle code terms, it’s generally described as a vehicle that was manufactured prior to 1949, with component upgrades to the original body. These upgrades, for example, might include a new engine, a […]

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Custom Car with Open Hood
Register Your Ride: How to Register a Custom-Built Car by Kat Saks on

A custom-built car is a source of pride. When you’ve invested the time, money, and energy into building a custom car, you want to ensure there’s no question as to who owns it. As with any vehicle, kit cars must be registered through your state motor vehicle agency to prove ownership. But, registering a custom-built […]

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Red Classic Car
Custom-Built Car Registration: Required Forms and Documents by Nadia Ibanez on

For those of you who are creative visionaries, making and owning a custom-built car is bar none the only way to cruise the city. Understanding the mechanics of a car and finding the most aesthetically pleasing parts is one of the perks of custom-built cars. However, the car registration process – especially the related documentation […]

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Classic Kit Car
Kit Car 101: Understanding Custom-Built Car Registration by Melissa Crumish on

A kit car (also known as a custom-built car or assembled car) is the automobile world’s version of Frankenstein, minus, of course, the crazy, tamped-down hair. These are popular with hobbyists and mechanically inclined people good with building things from scratch. A kit car is generally made from component parts, supplied by manufacturers. In many […]

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