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7 Reasons Student Drivers Fail Their Written Permit Exam

by Jen Lamboy on

Passing your written DMV permit exam really is a no-brainer. But you gotta be smart about it, and avoid the pitfalls that cause numerous students to fail. And you can start by following our Dos and Don’ts. 1) Don’t Cram For Your Permit Exam The road to landing your driver’s permit harbors no shortcuts. So don’t think […]

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Stop Sign at Street Intersection
Researching Traffic Ticket Penalties for Road Sign Violations by Melissa Crumish on

When preparing to take a permit test, studying traffic signs is a must. Every drivers license test contains several traffic sign questions. To help yourself prepare, study your state’s drivers manual. Inside you’ll find an entire section devoted to traffic signs, and maybe even one or two road sign practice tests. In addition, you should […]

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Traffic Signs
Watch Out! The Most Common Road Sign Traffic Tickets by Kathy Teel on

It’s usually easy to see a traffic sign, and most people obey them. However, there are three traffic signs people disregard more than any others – even those who correctly identified them during their road sign practice tests! No U-Turn Traffic Signs This sign means what it says. If you get caught making an illegal […]

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Damaged One Way Road Sign
How to Report a Damaged or Missing Road Sign by Nadia Ibanez on

For a number of reasons, road signs seem to go missing or become damaged. Severe weather, car accidents and even theft are reasons why road signs need repair or replacement. We all learned the importance of reading traffic signs while studying for road sign practice tests, the permit test, and the drivers license test, so […]

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Speed Limit Road Signs
How to Improve Your Road Sign Practice Test Results by Kat Saks on

Generally, a drivers license test consists of three parts: A vision test. A road skills exam. A written knowledge exam. You can’t really prepare for a vision test (without your optometrist’s help, that is), but you can prepare for the rest of your drivers license exam. You can study for the road exam by practicing […]

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