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Man on scooter

Safety Tips for Riding Scooters and Mopeds

by Cara Hopkins on

There are a lot of great things about scooters. They are much more fuel efficient than cars, less intimidating than a full-on motorcycle, and less tiring than a traditional bike. With more and more people looking to ditch their gas-guzzlers for something sportier, the variety of scooters and mopeds on the market is steadily growing […]

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Woman on a scooter
Getting Licensed to Ride a Scooter or Moped by Melissa Crumish on

The size of your scooter’s engine dictates the type of license to pursue or, in some cases, not to pursue. Most states use the following criteria regarding engine size: 50cc or Smaller: Some states require a regular drivers license or learners permit; others don’t require any licensing, mandating only that you be a certain age. […]

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Person on a scooter
How to Register a Scooter or Moped by Alicia Sparks on

Your state determines how you should register a scooter or moped – and even whether you have to register it. Surprised? When to Register a Scooter or Moped Most states require owners to register any scooter, moped, or motorized bike with a 50cc or larger engine. Keep in mind this is on a general rule […]

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Couple on scooter
Tips for Buying a New or Used Scooter by Melissa Crumish on

Shopping for a new or used scooter is no different than shopping for a motorcycle or car. It takes research and patience. Shopping for New and Used Mopeds and Scooters To help with your decision, consider the following: Will you use it strictly in city traffic for commuting to and from work or school? Or […]

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Learn Your State’s Motorcycle Permit Requirements by Kat Saks on

Whether you’re a rebel without a cause or an easy rider, if you want to hop on a motorcycle, you need a motorcycle license. Before you get a full-fledged license, though, you might need a motorcycle permit first. Motorcycle license requirements vary from state to state. Some states require a motorcycle permit first, similar to […]

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A person driving a motorcycle
Motorcycle License Requirements for Every Age by Alicia Sparks on

You’ll have to go through the same song and dance as every other license applicant, such as – Completing an application, Proving you are who you say you are, and Paying a fee – but there are a few other specific requirements you must meet to obtain a motorcycle license, too. Do You Need a […]

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Woman Putting On Helmet
Do I Need to Wear a Helmet on My Motorcycle? by Josh Tyson on

Remember when your mother told you helmets were cool because they save lives? She lied. Helmets are uncool, because the essence of cool is just not giving a damn, and by wearing a helmet you are showing that you do indeed care about the contents of your cranium. Square as that may be, having a […]

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