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Man Holding Motorcycle Handlebar

Retaking the Motorcycle License Test: What to Do if You Fail

by Kathy Teel on

If you fail the motorcycle licensing test, you might be embarrassed, but it’s not the end of the world. Keep these tips in mind if you need to retake the motorcycle written exam or riding test. You Can Retake the Motorcycle License Test States differ on the amount of time that must elapse after taking […]

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A house with a motorcycle in front
New Resident Guide for Motorcycle Riders by Kathy Teel on

When you relocate to a new state, one of the first things you have to do is learn about the differences in traffic laws. Motorcycle riders especially need to be aware of how they might be affected by motorcycle laws in their new home state. While many people will move easily from one state to […]

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Man Studying for Motorcycle Test
Get Revved Up to Study with Free Motorcycle Practice Tests by Kat Saks on

Want to ride a motorcycle? You’ll need a motorcycle permit, endorsement, or license, depending on your state’s rules and regulations. Most likely, your state will require you to take a written exam as part of your licensing tests. Get revved up for your written test with a motorcycle practice test and a road sign practice […]

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Man on a Motorcycle
Get Ready to Ride with a Motorcycle License Practice Test by Kat Saks on

In many states, if you want a motorcycle license, you need to complete two tests: a motorcycle driving skills test and a written test. To prepare for a skills test, you’ll want to spend time behind the handlebars of a bike, and consider completing a motorcycle rider education course. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a […]

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Woman Riding Her Motorcycle
The Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Ownership by Kat Saks on

To bike or not to bike? That is the question! If you are considering motorcycle ownership, you probably want to weigh the pros and cons before you buy. Use this list to help you decide. Owning a Motorcycle: Pros The cool factor. Riding a hog might help you turn more heads and give you street […]

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Cropped Motorcyclist Riding
What Qualifies as a Motorcycle? by Kat Saks on

Whether you zip around town on a scooter or roar down the road on a hog, you should know how the state characterizes your ride. Learn more about what qualifies as a motorcycle and what doesn’t. For state-specific details, you can also refer to the motorcycle manual published by your local motor vehicle agency. You […]

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Riding Down the Road on a Motorcycle
Ride By the Rules: Requirements for Legally Riding a Motorcycle by Kat Saks on

Ready to ride? Don’t be a rebel without a cause. Before you hop on your motorcycle, make sure you drive by the rules of the road. Get Your Motorcycle License or Endorsement While requirements for legally riding a motorcycle vary from state to state, all states share one common requirement: a license to ride. Depending […]

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