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Undocumented drivers are making California's roads safer--but they're under attack elsewhere.

Illegal & Behind the Wheel: How Undocumented Drivers Treat Our Roads—And How They’re Treated for It

by Bridget Clerkin on

California is not exactly known for its breezy highway driving. The state’s roads snake their way through its highly populated areas, gaining lanes and traffic as they go, until eventually—inevitably—they get absorbed by a freeway, like tributaries depositing into a river. And in 2015, California added more than 605,000 drivers to that flow—all of whom […]

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Paper shredder in an office
NM MVD on Verge of Destroying Thousands of Licenses by Bridget Clerkin on

Trouble finding your New Mexico driver’s license? You might want to check the Santa Fe Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office before it’s too late Nearly 3,000 licenses have been returned to the state agency already this year, and with more and more filing cabinets being filled with the repossessed IDs, the MVD is getting ready […]

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oops word on key showing fail failure mistake or sorry concept
NC DMV Mistakes Lead to Thousands of Licenses Lost by Bridget Clerkin on

If you’ve had to pay a speeding ticket or reschedule a traffic court appearance in North Carolina recently, you may want to make sure that your due diligence hasn’t cost you your license. A series of errors by the NC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has led to thousands of Tar Heelers mistakenly losing their driver’s […]

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State Seal of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Licenses, State ID Cards May Have Errors by Bridget Clerkin on

If you’ve recently gotten your Oklahoma license or state ID card, you may want to double-check the document: state officials say some of the IDs were printed with errors. The issue revolves around the holographic image of the state security emblem included on the cards. The hologram should only appear on the front/photograph side of […]

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Utah Adds Driver’s License Testing Requirement by Bridget Clerkin on

Members of the Beehive State hoping to start driving for the first time will now have to go the extra mile before putting miles on their vehicles. Starting this year, Utah residents applying for a first-time license will have to pass an additional online test in order to secure a learner’s permit. While the exam […]

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