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Car Driving Through A Flood

How to Tell if Hurricane Sandy Totaled Your Car

by Melissa Crumish on

If you’ve ever dropped a cell phone in water you know it only takes seconds for it to destroy the circuitry and turn the phone into expensive junk. Flood water has the same effect on your car engine’s electrical system. Even if your car was not swept away by Hurricane Sandy, or you were able […]

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Car damaged in a flood
What to do if Hurricane Sandy Totaled Your Car by Melissa Crumish on

Hurricane Sandy was especially brutal on cars, destroying an estimated 250,000 vehicles. Some were crushed by toppling trees, but most were wiped out by flood waters. If your vehicle was totaled, check your car insurance policy. If you’re only covered for liability, you’re out of luck. Only comprehensive insurance covers vehicle flood damage.  If you […]

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Woman Making a Phone Call
How to File an Insurance Claim on a Flooded Car by Melissa Crumish on

Hurricane Sandy destroyed an estimated 250,000 cars, with flooding the main culprit. If you lost your vehicle in the super storm, check your car insurance policy. To file a claim you must have comprehensive coverage. Liability does not cover for flooding. If you have comprehensive, here’s how to file a claim: Before contacting your insurance […]

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Car driving through a flood
Protect Your Car With Flood Insurance by Melissa Crumish on

An estimated 250,000 cars were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Most of the damage occurred from flooding caused by high surf, drenching rain and overflowing rivers. Many of the people who lost their cars were surprised to learn they were not protected under liability coverage. Though mandatory, liability only covers for injury or property damage caused […]

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Flooded car
Buyer Beware of Cars Damaged in Hurricane Sandy by Melissa Crumish on

In you’re in the market for a new or used car, be on the alert for flood-damaged vehicles from Hurricane Sandy. This warning applies to all buyers across the United States. Unfortunately, there are underhanded dealers who dry and clean flooded vehicles, wash the titles (remove the word “salvage” from the title), and then ship […]

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Car crushed by a tree
Acts of God Car Insurance Coverage by Melissa Crumish on

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy many people who lost cars in the super storm discovered that their mandatory liability coverage left them woefully underinsured. Only those with comprehensive protection were covered against flooding, or what’s known as an act of God. In insurance circles, an act of God is defined as any accident or […]

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