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Learn Your State’s Motorcycle Permit Requirements

by Kat Saks on

Whether you’re a rebel without a cause or an easy rider, if you want to hop on a motorcycle, you need a motorcycle license. Before you get a full-fledged license, though, you might need a motorcycle permit first. Motorcycle license requirements vary from state to state. Some states require a motorcycle permit first, similar to […]

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Man driving a convertible
Driving Out of State With a Learner Permit by Melissa Crumish on

From a learners permit holder’s perspective, an extended road trip serves as the perfect setting for gaining valuable behind-the-wheel experience. Think about it. There’s nothing but open highways, limited traffic, quiet back roads, few, if any, dangerous intersections to negotiate, no friends around to see you discover the necessity of knowing which side of the […]

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Teen Driver with Parent
Logging Behind-The-Wheel Practice Hours by Kat Saks on

Got a drivers permit? Hit the road. Seriously! Many states require drivers to log a certain number of driving practice hours once they pass driver’s ed and receive a learner’s permit. In some states, practice hours are a requirement for obtaining a full-fledged drivers license. This usually coincides with your driver’s training requirements. So, if […]

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Teen Driver
What is the Graduated Drivers License Program? by Melissa Crumish on

The Graduated Drivers License Program was born from the following facts: Car accident deaths are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States. Per mile driven, teen drivers between ages 16 through 19, are four times more likely than older drivers to be involved in a car crash. Young people, ages 15 […]

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Mother Embracing Teen Daughter and Car
Parental Permission for Drivers Permits by Kat Saks on

Many teenagers feel that asking their parents for permission to do things can be a drag. But, when it comes to obtaining a learners permit, parental consent might be necessary. Read on to learn about how parental consent factors into securing a drivers permit. When is Parental Consent Required? Most states require parental consent for […]

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Two teens by a car
Driving Restrictions for Learner Permits by Melissa Crumish on

Now that you have your driving permit, enjoying a newfound cool-factor normally only reserved for high school seniors sporting barbed wire tattoos, don’t lose it by playing dumb to your driving restrictions. Every state imposes driver permit restrictions. Not because it can, but because it needs to protect you. Statistics prove that teen drivers have […]

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Boy texting while driving
Safe Driving Tips for Teen Drivers by Melissa Crumish on

DVD players and state-of-the-art sound systems are pretty standard features in most vehicles these days, so it’s no surprise kids grow up viewing cars as mobile entertainment systems. Consequently, the serious responsibilities of driving get lost on teen drivers when they take the wheel for the first time. In their minds, they’re operating a four-wheeled […]

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