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Limousine Driver Smiling at the Camera

Especially for You: Information on Special Licenses

by Melissa Crumish on

If you plan on doing something special behind the wheel, you might need a special license. Special licenses apply to special vehicles, not special situations. So, while you don’t need a special license to drive around in your underwear singing at the top of your lungs, you do need a special license to operate certain vehicles. […]

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Taxi Driver Standing Next to Taxi
What is a Special License, and Do You Need One? by Kat Saks on

A special license has little to do with your individual awesomeness; instead, special licenses allow you to drive special vehicles, such as: Taxis Limousines School buses Off-road vehicles Read on for more details on the unique aspects of each of these special licenses. Taxi Drivers License A taxi drivers license allows you to operate a […]

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