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Woman Handing Over Passport

How to Apply for an Enhanced Driver License

by Melissa Crumish on

An enhanced driver license (EDL) works double-duty as a drivers license and a passport. With it you can enter the United States by land or sea from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean without needing any other proof of identification. Unlike passports, enhanced driver licenses can be carried in a wallet, making them especially convenient for […]

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Couple at Passport Desk
What is an Enhanced Driver License? by Melissa Crumish on

An enhanced driver license (also known as a passport card) eases your ability to travel in and out of the United States by land and sea, doubling as a driver’s license and passport. With it, no other documents are needed for proving citizenship and identity when entering the U.S. or any other of the following […]

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Woman Holding Passport
How a Passport Card Differs From a Passport Book by Kat Saks on

No two government ID documents are alike. While government-issued identification might seem to provide the same information, each ID has unique characteristics. Passport cards and passport books are no exception. Learn more about how a passport card differs from a passport book. Using Passport Books vs. Passport Cards A passport book provides valid identification for […]

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Pencil on top of travel form
How to Apply for a Passport Card by Kat Saks on

Crossing the U.S. border by land or by sea? If your travels take you from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Bermuda, you might want to travel with a U.S. passport card. A passport card can provide a more convenient, cheaper alternative to carrying your passport book. Read on to learn how you […]

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Man Relaxing on a Cruiseship
What Is a Passport Card? by Kat Saks on

True or false: When you travel across a national border, you always need to bring your passport book. False. Many people think that a passport book is an international travel essential. In some cases, though, you can leave your passport book at home and travel with a passport card instead. Learn all about passport cards […]

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