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Cars Driving in Traffic

International Driving Permits Defined

by Melissa Crumish on

If you plan on driving while traveling abroad, plan on obtaining an international driver permit (IDP). You might also consider looking into international auto insurance coverage. This document, which is recognized in 174 countries, contains your name and photo and driver license information translated into 10 different languages including German, Italian, and Russian. Not only does […]

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Cars In An Intersection
Learning the Traffic Laws of a Foreign Country by Kat Saks on

While traveling abroad can be a big adventure, driving abroad can be an even bigger adventure. When you travel internationally and get behind the wheel, you don’t just experience foreign sights; you experience foreign traffic laws, too. Learn more about how to study foreign traffic laws and obey the rules of the road overseas. Carry […]

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Cars Parked Along the Curb
How to Avoid Scams When Driving Abroad by Melissa Crumish on

Different driving rules and different languages conspire against you when driving outside of the United States, making you extremely  vulnerable to scam artists. Calculated forethought is your best defense. To prepare for driving abroad consider the following tips: Obtain an international driving permit (IDP). This document is recognized by 174 countries and translates your drivers […]

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Asian Woman Tourist in Havana Cuba
How to Obtain an International Driver Permit by Melissa Crumish on

An international driving permit and auto insurance are strongly recommended for international travel – even if you don’t plan on driving. Recognized in 174 countries, it contains your name and photo – serving as a handy photo ID – and driver license information translated in 10 different languages. An international driver permit is not a […]

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