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Teenage Boy Studying for Drivers License Practice Test

Types of Drivers License Practice Tests

by Melissa Crumish on

Preparing for the written portion of your drivers license test requires studying your Department of Motor Vehicle’s (DMV) manual for the specific license you’re aiming to obtain (drivers, motorcycle, commercial). In most states, you can download driver handbooks and manuals online. After studying the license manual, you next want to gauge your test preparedness by […]

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Teen Boys Posing in front of Car
Forms and Publications for First-Time Drivers by Melissa Crumish on

Learning to drive comes with many challenges, including the application process. Trying to solve which forms to submit can be more difficult than figuring out how to parallel park. To help you along, the following lists contain all the possible forms and publications you may need – contingent on your situation and state – for […]

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Teen Drivers Reading or Studying Manual
Forms and Publications for Teen Drivers by Melissa Crumish on

Obtaining a learners permit or a driver’s license requires more than passing a couple tests and proving that you can parallel park. There are also handbooks and pamphlets to read and forms to complete. While every state maintains different requirements for teen drivers, in most cases you will need some or all of the following […]

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Teen Driver with Father
Tips for Parents Teaching Their Teens How to Drive by Melissa Crumish on

The thought of your teen driving, just a couple years removed from middle school, is difficult to grasp. Rather than deny it, though, it’s best to accept and do your best to teach your child sound driving skills. To help with the process, consider the following. Before Each Driver Training Session Take time to map […]

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Teenager and father in a car
Learn the Difference Between Drivers Ed and Driver Training by Nadia Ibanez on

Learning how to drive as a teen driver isn’t easy. Fortunately, states offer driver’s education and driver training classes to ease the learning process. Some teens may get the two confused. To help you out,  here’s a breakdown of the difference between driver’s ed and driver training. What Is Drivers Ed? Teens can enroll in a […]

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Teen on Laptop in Living Room
Online Drivers Ed: Learning to Drive Online by Josh Tyson on

Most states require applicants to take some sort of driver education class in some sort of driving school before getting that coveted piece of laminate, the driver’s license. For some teen drivers and adult applicants, an online driving class is possible. That’s right, you can learn driving basics online in this day and age, and […]

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