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Student driver holding car keys out a car window

Required Tests for Getting a Driver’s License

by Cara Hopkins on

Your day has finally come. No more waiting for the bus in the pouring rain or the muggy heat. No more bumming rides. You are getting your driver’s license. But much like a hero embarking on an epic journey, you will have to pass a series of tests to prove your worthiness. What Kind of […]

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Toy car, car key, and driver's license test
Top Studying Tools to Prepare for a Driver’s License Test by Nadia Ibanez on

When you’re well-prepared, test taking becomes less nerve-wracking. The more you get ready to ace your driver’s license test, the sooner you can taste the sweet freedom of (very carefully and responsibly) driving on the open road. Driver’s License Test Study Tools Fortunately, there are plenty of tools, both online and offline, to help  new […]

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Man filling out Drivers License Paperwork
What You’ll Need When Applying for a Driver’s License by Melissa Crumish on

State DMV transactions are extremely document-specific. This bears especially true when applying for a drivers license. Arrive without just one of the required documents and the DMV will reject your drivers license application. This means all of the DMV practice tests you took will go for naught – until, that is, you return with all […]

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Woman Driving Car
How to Transfer an Out-of-State Driver’s License by Melissa Crumish on

A new state requires a new drivers license. Depending on the status of your current driver license, the process – regardless of state – is generally easy. Still, you’ll need to act fast. Most states require new licenses for new residents within a designated period of time after establishing residency. Tennessee, for example, gives new […]

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Date circled in red on a calendar
License Renewal Grace Periods: How Much Time Do You Really Have? by Melissa Crumish on

Among all the occasions you don’t want to forget in life – your wedding anniversary, your mother’s birthday, payday – your driver’s license expiration date ranks…well, it ranks somewhere up there. After all, while forgetting the first few events leads to the silent treatment and awkward family gatherings, forgetting to renew your license can bring: […]

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Police officer talking to a pulled over driver in a convertible
Penalties of Driving With an Expired Driver’s License by Melissa Crumish on

Unless you enjoy unnecessary lament, make renewing your drivers license a red-letter priority. A simple process, which in some states can be accomplished online or by mail, could save you from fines, fees, and frustration. Renew License or Risk DMV Penalties Each state governs expired licenses differently. Some states impose late fees. Connecticut, for example, […]

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Woman in kitchen with laptop and paperwork smiling
Required Documents for Driver’s License Renewal by Melissa Crumish on

Depending on your state, you may have one, some, or all of the following license renewal options: Online Mail In person Renew License Online or by Mail If your state allows you to renew by mail or online – as specified in your renew license notice – you’ll receive instructions on how to proceed. Exact […]

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