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Mother Embracing Teen Daughter and Car

Parental Permission for Drivers Permits

by Kat Saks on

Many teenagers feel that asking their parents for permission to do things can be a drag. But, when it comes to obtaining a learners permit, parental consent might be necessary. Read on to learn about how parental consent factors into securing a drivers permit. When is Parental Consent Required? Most states require parental consent for […]

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Two teens by a car
Driving Restrictions for Learner Permits by Melissa Crumish on

Now that you have your driving permit, enjoying a newfound cool-factor normally only reserved for high school seniors sporting barbed wire tattoos, don’t lose it by playing dumb to your driving restrictions. Every state imposes driver permit restrictions. Not because it can, but because it needs to protect you. Statistics prove that teen drivers have […]

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Someone handing keys to a teen driver
Requirements to Get a Driver Permit by Melissa Crumish on

No more riding in the backseat. It’s time to take the wheel. But before your right foot can tap the gas pedal, you first need to obtain a drivers permit, or what some states call an instructional permit or a learners permit. Driver’s Permit Requirements The exact how depends on your state’s Department of Motor […]

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A man getting something out of a purse
Tips for Dealing With a Lost or Stolen Wallet by Melissa Crumish on

After getting over the Oh-no! realization, you need to act. Not later today, not tomorrow, but now. The faster you respond, the better your chances of mitigating potential repercussions. Prioritizing After Your Wallet is Lost or Stolen Start by making a list of items lost. Prioritize the important, starting with debit and credit cards, followed […]

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A man on the telephone
What to Do If You’ve Lost Your License Out-of-State by Alicia Sparks on

Before you panic, call or visit your home state driver’s license agency online. A motor vehicle agency representative or your state’s website can provide specific instructions on how to replace a license you’ve lost while out-of-state. Understand that it happens, and they will help you fix the problem. Generally, if you’ve lost your license out-of-state […]

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A hand reaching into a car through a broken window
What To Do if Your Driver’s License is Stolen by Cara Hopkins on

Maybe you left it in the cab. Maybe it fell out of your purse at the gym. Or maybe you were pick-pocketed. Regardless of the circumstances, when your driver’s license goes missing, you should act fast. Who You Gonna Call? If you think there is a chance that someone stole your license, you should file […]

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A man helping someone with paperwork
Ways to Replace a Lost License by Melissa Crumish on

Replace license applications are so common, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices have become extremely efficient in providing fast and easy ways to order a duplicate drivers license. How Should YOU Replace Your Driver’s License? The exact how depends on your state, and which of those options is most convenient for you. Every state uses […]

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