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Business woman walking through airport with suitcase

I-94 Forms and Arriving in the U.S.

by Tina Chang on

Traveling to the United States can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful figuring out which visa and immigration documents you need. Most countries will allow you to travel to the U.S. for 90 days or less without a visa. For more information about the Visa Waiver Program, visit the U.S. Department […]

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Wisconsin REAL ID Sample
The REAL ID Act: Are You Ready for a National ID? by Lauren McClure on

People throughout the country might see some big changes happening to their driver’s licenses and state IDs. As of February 2013, 19 states have demonstrated compliance with the REAL ID Act, a piece of legislature that imposes much stricter measures on how people can obtain a driver’s license, and sets more thorough standards as to […]

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A pen on top of a calendar
When to Renew Your Identification Card by Melissa Crumish on

Though an expired ID card does not present the same teeth-gnashing penalties as, say, an expired vehicle registration, you still need to keep it current. Presenting an expired ID card to an airport TSA agent, for example, may not get you past airport security. Good luck in then trying to explain that to your boss. […]

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A pen on top of a calendar
Lost Your Identification? How to Replace a Lost ID Card by Nadia Ibanez on

Losing your ID card is a major inconvenience. You could spend hours backtracking your steps, calling all of the places that you last remember using, and tearing your house upside down with the hope that it is somewhere near. When you have finally stopped searching, it’s time to replace your ID. Replace Your Lost ID […]

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A woman checking in at a ticket counter in an airport
Who Needs an ID Card? by Nadia Ibanez on

You may take having an ID card for granted, but they’re used everywhere. Think about it. You need an ID card: At the airport. When you want to see certain movies. To confirm a hotel reservation. To enter a bar or night club. To show your residency when traveling abroad. These days, you need an […]

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A woman checking in at a counter
ID Card Requirements by Melissa Crumish on

If you’re not the driving type and don’t own a drivers license, an ID card becomes a must. It serves as the perfect photo ID. You can use identification cards for boarding planes, checking into hotels, cashing checks, and more. Applying for an ID Card How you apply for an identification card depends on your […]

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