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Man Drinking Water

Commercial Drivers: Staying Healthy on the Road

by Kathy Teel on

It’s notoriously difficult for commercial drivers to stay healthy and fit on the road. They spend most of their time sitting, and they don’t have much access to healthy foods on the road. However, no matter how difficult it is, there are certain health requirements CDL drivers must meet. CDL Health Requirements If you are […]

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Man Being Arrested
Traffic Ticket and DUI Penalties for Commercial Drivers by Melissa Crumish on

SUMMARY: Traffic Ticket Penalties for Commercial Drivers  As a commercial driver, you face harsher penalties when it comes to committing traffic violations. This article summarizes some of the penalties you’ll face for both major violations and minor offenses. If you’re ready to pay or fight your traffic ticket, visit the Traffic Tickets page relevant to […]

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Yellow Semi Truck
Want to Do Even More with Your CDL? CDL Classes and Endorsements by Alicia Sparks on

Getting a commercial driver license (CDL) is similar to getting a regular driver license. Sure, the process is a little more involved, but overall there’s requirements, studying, permits, testing, and, well, more testing to consider. Also similar to a regular driver license, a CDL offers different classes and endorsements. These help drivers broaden their employment […]

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Truck Transporting Hazardous Materials
How to Apply for a Hazardous Materials Endorsement by Melissa Crumish on

Since 9/11, more scrutiny has been given to the application process for the hazardous material endorsement (HazMat). This is not because materials have become more hazardous, but because the threat of potential rogue drivers has increased. In addition to state requirements, potential applicants must also meet federal requirements. HazMat Endorsement Requirements Below is what you […]

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Man Posing Next to a Semi Truck
How to Prepare for the CDL Test by Nadia Ibanez on

Whether you are thinking about joining the commercial driver workforce or are required to take the test because of your current job, prepping for the commercial drivers license (CDL) test is a crucial part of applying for your CDL. What to Expect on the CDL Test The test consists of two parts: A written test […]

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