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Car Salesman Showing Customer Car

Buyer Beware: How To Avoid a Car-Buying Scam

by Cara Hopkins on

Buying a car is a big deal. Outside of a house, it is often the most expensive item in our possession. It is also one of the riskiest investments you will ever make. If you aren’t careful, you can find yourself paying hundreds (or even thousands) more than your car is worth. In the worst […]

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Couple in office filling out paperwork
Get Money! Tips on Getting an Auto Loan by Melissa Crumish on

Twenty minutes into your auto search, you spy the car of choice at a local dealership. The how behind financing it has no bearing. All that matters is that your name goes on its title. Emotional appeal trumps financial realities. You feel good. But… Just as you’re about to agree to buy, pragmatism floods your […]

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Car Salesman Showing Woman New Car
Best Times to Buy a New or Used Car by Kathy Teel on

When we need a new car, most of us go car shopping at times of the day and week that are most convenient to us. But did you know that certain times are better than others for purchasing a new or used car? Follow these tips to get the best deals and the lowest prices. […]

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Man Researching Cars on the Internet
Why Consider Resale Value Before Buying a Car by Kat Saks on

There are many things to consider when buying a car, including price, payment plan, and whether the seller can be trusted. All legitimate concerns that can sometimes cause you to overlook the vehicle’s resale potential. If you think you might sell the car at some point down the road, you should give thought to the resale […]

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Saleswoman showing a car to a man
What to Disclose When Selling a Used Car by Melissa Crumish on

After cleaning your used car in preparation for selling it, you now must decide how much information to disclose when talking with prospective buyers. This conversation can make or break auto sales. To help with your sales pitch, consider the following advice: Be honest. A potential buyer can verify if you’re being up front or […]

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Hand Filling Out Tax Form
Income Tax Implications of Selling a Used Car by Melissa Crumish on

There are many things to consider when selling a used car; some less obvious than others, including income tax liability. Income Tax Liability When Selling Your Used Car In a nutshell, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) views all personal vehicles as capital assets. If you sell it for less than the original purchase price, it’s […]

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