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Car Keys and Rental Agreement

Car Rental Tips: Renting a Car Made Easy

by Cara Hopkins on

There are many reasons to rent a car. Sure, you may be on vacation or traveling for business, but maybe: You’re a car-less city dweller who just wants the occasional wheels to do your weekend errands. You need a van or truck to help you move. You want to impress a hot date and your […]

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Car Dealership Tent Sale
How to Get a Vehicle’s MSRP by Melissa Crumish on

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) – nicknamed “sticker price” – is the recommended selling price car companies assign new vehicles. This price is not firm. It’s a suggestion for dealerships, and depending how the vehicle type is selling, dealerships may adjust the actual selling price either lower (for slow selling cars) or higher (for vehicles […]

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Man Calculating Fees on Calculator
How to Calculate Vehicle Registration Fees by Alicia Sparks on

You save and save and save to get enough for your dream car (or, at least, enough for a down payment for your dream), only to find out you also need enough to cover the vehicle registration fees, too. Nasty surprise, if you’re not ready for it. But…how do you get ready for it? Common […]

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Man at Home with his Laptop and Calculator
Online Vehicle Tax and Tags Calculators by Melissa Crumish on

Shopping for a used car requires serious financial decisions. Not only must you decide on how to finance the vehicle, but you must also take into account: Paying for car insurance. Paying for a smog check, if applicable, and possible modifications to make the vehicle compliant. Vehicle tax (depending on your state it may also […]

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Hands and Calculator in Car
How to Calculate Used Car Sales Tax by Nadia Ibanez on

Most people like to know how much something costs before they buy it, right? So, when buying a used car, take note: The price tag might not reflect the full cost of your vehicle. Hidden costs like auto sales tax might catch you off guard you after your purchase. Learn how you can calculate auto sales […]

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Couple in Car Showroom
Used Car Taxes and Fees for Out-of-State Purchases by Melissa Crumish on

Shopping for used cars in other parts of the country comes with advantages – the most obvious being that it gives you more of used vehicles selection to choose from, bettering your chances for finding the car of your choice at a bargain price. However, there are some things to consider before plotting a cross-country […]

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Couple Looking at New Car in Showroom
Costs of Buying a Used Car by Kathy Teel on

You negotiated a price for a new-to-you used car, and it sounded pretty fair…at first. Now you’re looking at the list of fees; with the sales tax, car insurance, and other fees, you might wonder, “Just how much am I going to end up paying here?” Used Car Taxes and Costs Here’s a breakdown of […]

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