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Hand filling out forms

Types of Dealer Forms You Might Need as an Auto Dealer or Car Salesman

by Kathy Teel on

Just like any other professional, auto dealers have a lot of paperwork. In fact, because dealers are so heavily regulated by state and local authorities, they may have more paperwork than most. Dealer and Salesman Forms Checklist Here are a few types of dealer forms you might use if you work as a car salesperson […]

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Car Salesman in Car Showroom
How to Complete A Dealer License Application by Kathy Teel on

If you want to own your own car dealership, the first step is applying for a dealers license. A dealers license will allow you to purchase new and used cars and resell them to the public. Dealer License: State Requirements Vary Although each state’s requirements to obtain and apply for auto dealers licenses vary, actually […]

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Man Signing a Contract
How to Read the Fine Print Before You Buy a Car by Kat Saks on

The sight of a car sales contract might make your eyes glass over, but you should sign carefully when buying a car. Before you sign on the dotted line, understand the fine print you might see on your auto sales contract. Verify the Basic Vehicle Sale Information Typically, the first portion of a new or […]

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Couple Buying a Car
Car Buying Incentives 101: Special Deals That Get You to Buy! by Melissa Crumish on

Auto dealerships employ many tactics for enticing customers into buying new cars: TV commercials, full-page newspaper ads, and sometimes even adopting whacky names like “Dealin’ Doug.” But, probably the one that snares most attention is car buying incentives. Dealerships usually offer these to help move slow-selling new cars and used cars off their lots. In […]

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Woman and Man Shaking Hands at Car Dealership
6 Tips for Negotiating Price When Buying a Car by Kathy Teel on

Few of us know how to negotiate auto sales, preferring instead to ask a few questions and then agree to whatever the dealership wants – sometimes, whether or not we can afford it. Sometimes, buying a car is stressful, and the list of fees and taxes that go along with it seem set in stone […]

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Young Siblings Sitting in the Backseat of a Car
Researching Car Safety Before You Buy by Kat Saks on

When you plan on buying a car, plan on doing some homework. Whether you buy a new car or a used car, you can feel more confident in your purchase when you research the car’s resale value and, perhaps most importantly, its safety. Learn more about researching car safety before you buy. Read Reviews for […]

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