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Man Looking Under Hood of Car

What to Do if You Buy a Lemon From an Auto Dealer

by Melissa Crumish on

Outside of maybe seeing a student driver car practicing a parallel turn next to your new vehicle, nothing causes more fear in new car owners than inadvertently getting saddled with a lemon. Your new carefully planned investment has become a mechanical albatross, costing you time and money with every repair. Fortunately, however, you are protected […]

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Car Dealer in Showroom
Auto Dealers: Get Under the Hood of Lemon Laws by Kat Saks on

If life gives you lemons, hit it back with lemon laws. Auto dealers shouldn’t take lemons lightly. A lemon is a vehicle that isn’t quite up to snuff. When a customer returns a vehicle to the car dealership and claims the car is a lemon, he believes the car to be defective. Auto dealers and […]

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Car Salesman in his Office
How to Obtain a Business License as an Auto Dealer by Nadia Ibanez on

Some people have discovered a love for selling cars and have found thrills in vending the right car for every customer. Auto dealers and salespeople have a certain finesse for selling new and used cars that not everyone can relate to. If you are thinking about entering the auto dealer workforce, whether as a new […]

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Car Salesman in Car Showroom
How to Complete A Dealer License Application by Kathy Teel on

If you want to own your own car dealership, the first step is applying for a dealers license. A dealers license will allow you to purchase new and used cars and resell them to the public. Dealer License: State Requirements Vary Although each state’s requirements to obtain and apply for auto dealers licenses vary, actually […]

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Car Salesman Reviewing Window Sticker
Car Salesperson License Requirements by Nadia Ibanez on

A salesperson license, if required in your state,  gives you the green light to sell vehicles from an auto dealership. Auto Salesperson License Requirements While specific car salesperson license requirements vary by state, you generally will need to follow some or all of the following steps: Provide proof of being employed by a state-licensed auto dealership. […]

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Car Salesman Standing Inside a Car Dealership
Where to Get a Dealer Handbook by Kathy Teel on

Owning a car dealership means navigating a lot of dealer laws and regulations. States require tons of information, and there are mandated inspections and procedures that you must follow to keep the dealership open. To help with compliance, dealer handbooks are available from each state, listing in minute detail all of the things a car dealer […]

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