Benefits of Traffic School

Date posted: 07/14/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
in Tickets & Violations

1539 Benefits of Traffic SchoolThere’s a misnomer that traffic schools are adult versions of detention, reserved only for unprincipled drivers with a long history of traffic tickets, speeding tickets and DUI convictions.

In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Traffic schools are open to all drivers, regardless of ability or record, affording an impressive list of  benefits:

  • You’ll improve your road skills by becoming a more defensive driver. A handy skill to own, especially today with so many drivers distracted by GPS screens, cell phones, and video players.
  • The traffic school instructor will apprise you of new driving laws. Knowing where your state or town stands on texting and using hand-held cell phones while driving, for instance, could save you from a future traffic ticket.
  • Obtaining a traffic school completion certificate  may earn you a discount on car insurance rates. Many auto insurance carriers offer this as an incentive. To learn if your provider offers this discount, contact your car insurance agent.
  • Completing a traffic school course may reduce points from your driving record. If this option exists in your county, you may need prior approval from the DMV and/or court. Having points removed could prevent your driver’s license from being suspended or revoked.
  • Proof of course completion may prompt the court to dismiss a traffic conviction.
  • Completion of a course may be required in lieu of jail time, community service or loss of driving privileges.

Enroll in an Approved Traffic School

If you’re enrolling in a program for the lone intent of having a ticket dismissed or points removed, be sure the traffic school meets state approval.  Otherwise, your time and effort with go for naught. You will not receive credit for a school not recognized by the state.

Always double-check before enrolling. Even if a school advertises itself as state-approved, confirm with the DMV or, if applicable, the court. Or better yet, save time before enrolling by requesting a list of approved schools from the DMV.

NOTE: Some auto insurance companies require you to enroll in approved courses before providing a discount. Be sure to check with your provider.

Online Traffic Schools

An online traffic school is worth looking into if your schedule is tight. It allows you to complete the course from the convenience of home at your own pace. It’s perfect for drivers looking to refresh their driving skills.

If you need the course for legal reasons – court mandate, point reduction, ticket dismissal – don’t forget to confirm with the DMV if it meets state approval.

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