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Attending Traffic School for an Auto Insurance Discount

Date posted: 07/14/2012

by Nadia Ibanez on
in Insurance

1530 1 Attending Traffic School for an Auto Insurance DiscountFor some drivers, auto insurance can get pricey. Factors like –

– can all make or break your monthly rate.

When you’ve run out of ways to find discounts on your insurance package, consider taking traffic school/defensive driving.

Some people know traffic school only as a way to satisfy speeding tickets or other kinds of traffic tickets, or as an option for removing points from their driving records. Yet, there are states and auto insurance providers that offer discounts for successfully completing approved traffic schools.

And, depending on where you live, your state might even allow you to take online traffic school courses so that you can learn everything while never having to leave your home.

Traffic Schools and Auto Insurance Perks

Depending on your state and car insurance provider, you might see a monetary benefit from attending and completing a state-certified traffic school.

Apart from potentially earning an auto insurance discount, traffic school – online or classroom –  is a great way to:

  • Learn how to prevent future traffic violations and car accidents.
  • Improve your overall driving knowledge and skills.

New York, for example, offers a program called Point Insurance Reduction. It allows drivers to reduce points on their driving record while also decreasing their auto insurance premiums.



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