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Insurance Map of Detroit Freeways Extra Costs Coming Your Way, Michigan Motorists by Bridget Clerkin on

Michigan may be the birthplace of the car, but instead of paying homage to the state’s rich automotive history, residents are simply being asked to pay. Another vehicle-related rate hike went into effect in the Great Lakes State earlier this month, this one asking residents for an extra $10 per car, truck, or bus covered […]

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Safety & Driving July is a hot time for hot cars: Most vehicles are stolen during the summer month, which is why the NHTSA has dubbed it National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month July Is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month by Ryan Gallagher on

A driver’s worst nightmare is usually traffic, road rage, or increasing gas prices. However, seldom do individuals stop to think about vehicle theft. It’s a scary thought, but nearly half of all car thefts occur when drivers fail to take a few simple precautions. In addition, the summer season ranks highest when it comes to […]

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Tickets & Violations Dubai, the Middle Eastern Emirate, is rolling out a robotic police car. Smooth Criminals Beware: Robocar Is Here (And It Will Find You) by Bridget Clerkin on

Many a futuristic film would have us believe that we’re heading for some dystopian state, where faceless drones are always watching, and the unfeeling machines deliver the purest version of justice, using their perfectly unbiased programming to capture true criminals. But movie producers would do well to imagine a different depiction if they hope to […]

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License & Endorsements Washington, D.C.'s DMV will allow drivers to select a third gender on their licenses. D.C. to Add Non-Binary Gender Option for Driver’s Licenses by Ryan Gallagher on

The Washington, D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will now offer a third, or “non-binary,” gender option for licenses and identification cards. This decision follows Oregon’s precedent after its DMV introduced a third gender option earlier this month. Now, when D.C. residents apply for a license or ID card, they will be asked to specify “M,” […]

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Registration & Titling Roads throughout Tennessee are slated for upgrade under the IMPROVE Act, which increases registration fees and gas taxes to pay for them. Vehicle Registration & Gas Tax to Increase in Tennessee by Ryan Gallagher on

The beginning of July brings with it renewed patriotism, a resurgence in barbecue use—and this year, higher prices for Tennessee drivers. In late April, Governor Bill Haslam signed into law a roads bill, known as the IMPROVE Act. Effective July 1, the law increases state gas prices by a sum total of $0.06 and diesel […]

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Moving & Traveling Family Unpacking Boxes in New Home Moving Your Family: Tips for Moving with Kids by Kat Saks on

Moving can be tough, especially when you have a family and you’re moving out of state. All the packing, the goodbyes to old friends, and the readjustment to a new city – moving can take its toll on kids. Learn how to make your next relocation easier on your family with these simple tips. Start […]

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Buying & Selling Tesla is showcasing its cars in Michigan—even though its prohibited from selling them there. Magical Mystery Tour: Tesla Hits the Road to Avoid Michigan Sales Ban by Bridget Clerkin on

Without the chance to sell directly to customers in Michigan, Tesla is making a stand and taking its message to the streets—literally. The Silicon Valley carmaker has been hustling some of its most popular products from an Airstream trailer, on a summer-long tour of the mitten-shaped state. Conveniently hauled around by a Tesla Model X […]

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