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    Arkansas Traffic Tickets

    The Arkansas vehicle code is enforced by all law enforcement in the state and was written to keep you and other drivers safe. When you violate a traffic rule you run the risk of being ticketed.

    The rules are many but they are explained in an easy-to-read format in the driver's handbook.

    Your traffic ticket provides an explanation of the code you broke and the fine you must pay.

    Check Tickets on Your Driving Record

    Pay Your Arkansas Traffic Ticket Online

    Many county courts within the State of Arkansas will allow you to pay your traffic ticket instantly online. Select the court which issued your traffic ticket below and skip a trip to the traffic court.


    If the Arkansas issuing court is not listed above, follow the instructions on below.

    If you are found guilty, your driving record will accumulate administrative points. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) assesses points based on the severity of your offense. For example, failing to obey a traffic signal will get you 3 points, but reckless driving will add 8 points to your driving record.

    It's important to be aware of how many points you currently have, as accumulating too many can result in a suspended Arkansas driver's license.

    Once you hit 10 points on your driving record, the AR DFA will send you a warning letter, letting you know you're getting close to a suspension. Get 14 points or more and you'll be notified that your driver's license will be suspended, but you will still have the opportunity to contest the decision.

    The more points you accumulate on your AR driving record, the longer your driver's license suspension will be. Not only will you need to find an alternative mode of transportation, but you'll also need to pay reinstatement fees once your suspension period is over.

    For more information, visit our following pages:

    Serious Traffic Violations

    Serious traffic violations are more costly than minor infractions. The fines, and the points tallied to your driving record, are much greater for serious offenses.

    In certain cases, you may be able to contest the citation, if you believe you did not commit the violation you received the traffic ticket for. Contact the local AR court listed on the ticket for more information.

    Less Serious Traffic Violations

    All traffic rules are written to keep you safe. Some traffic violations are considered less serious because they are not as likely to result in a crash:

    • Littering: fine with community service.
    • Illegal parking.
    • Disobeying a traffic signal.
    • Failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

    If you remain alert, practice defensive driving, and obey all traffic laws in Arkansas, you will avoid receiving a traffic ticket. Many drivers go decades, or even forever, without a ticket because they practice safe driving techniques. We all need a refresher now and then, re-read the driver's handbook periodically.

    Car Insurance Implications

    Not only will a committing a moving violation result in a traffic ticket, fines, and possibly a suspended driver's license, it is also likely your auto insurance rates will increase.

    Insurance companies base your periodic rates on your Arkansas driving history, including the number of accidents you've been involved in and traffic tickets you've received. Basically, the cleaner your driving record, the lower your insurance rate will be.

    For more information about how your traffic ticket will effect your current insurance policy, contact your insurance agent directly.