Replacing a Lost CDL in Arkansas

As a CDL driver you are always on the road. That means your wallet has a greater chance of getting lost or stolen.

If this happens, notify the local police. Then, apply for a duplicate CDL following the instructions below.

Don't worry―the state of Arkansas has a speedy process to get you back on the road.

Applying for Duplicate CDL

Duplicates are issued by the Office of Driver Services. The fee is only $10. Visit any revenue office to apply.

Documents Required for a Duplicate CDL

The ODS will need proof of identification and residency. Bring with you two of these primary documents:

  • Photo Identification or Drivers License
  • U.S. Birth Certificate
  • INS Documents, with Photo
  • Passport
  • Court Order
  • Military ID

If you don't have two from the primary list, then one primary and secondary will work. The secondary list includes:

  • School Photo ID
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Marriage License
  • Tax Return
  • Parent Affidavit

Because all the states are connected by the National Registry, your stolen or lost drivers license will be marked as missing.

You'll want to be watchful for identity theft, and the states will also be concerned with anyone using your lost CDL.

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