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    The driver point system is designed to control bad, and dangerous, driving behavior. When you have an accident or a traffic violation, you are penalized by the Office of Driver Services' Driver Control Section. They place and track the points on your driving record.

    Traffic Violations

    You can assume that any safety related traffic violation will work against you in the points system. The amount of points per violation depend on the level of severity―fewer points for a seat belt violation and many more for evading arrest.

    For a complete list of traffic violations you'll want to read through the vehicle code. Study the rules of the road as explained in your driver handbook. Common sense will steer you in the right direction to avoid traffic violations:

    • Drinking and Driving.
    • Following Too Closely.
    • Speeding.
    • Excessive Speeding.
    • Leaving the Scene of an Accident.
    • Wrong Way on a One Way.

    Checking the Status of Your License

    Whenever you need or want to check the status of your driver’s license, you can order a driving record report.

    Points and Suspension

    The points on your driver's license accumulate year by year. The system allows some to drop off, but if you reach the thresholds you will have to face the consequences:

    • Warning Letter―10-13 Points
    • Three Month Suspension―14-17 Points
    • Six Month Suspension―18-23 Points
    • One Year Suspension―24 or More Points

    Reinstatement Process

    Before your license is suspended you can request a hearing and plea your case. There are hearing officers ready to work with you because the Office of Driver Services (ODS) wants the system to be fair.

    To be reinstated, you'll need to fulfill all the requirements of your suspension. That can mean driver improvement courses or if your suspension is for driving under the influence you may have to complete an approved rehabilitation program. When you are ready, contact the Driver Control Section to begin the process.

    The reinstatement fee can be expensive; add to that the cost of rehabilitation or driver improvement and you will spend a lot of money earning back your license. Finally, there will be insurance premium rate hikes and even loss of income if you couldn't get to work without driving (at your hearing be sure to ask about work permits).

    Driving safe and being responsible is smart. You can avoid traffic violations by paying attention, driving defensively, and staying distraction free. Avoid alcohol when driving and get plenty of rest before a trip.

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