Pay Traffic Ticket in Arkansas

SUMMARY: How to Pay an Arkansas Traffic Ticket

If you were issued an AR traffic ticket, you may be able to pay your ticket fines online, by mail, or in person. Your payment options will depend on the traffic violation, the county court, and your driving record.

Pay Your AR Traffic Ticket

Some Arkansas courts allow drivers to pay tickets online via the Arkansas e-Traffic Program website or from the court's website, which you can access from the state's district courts website.

Please note the following:

  • It may take up to a week from the date you received the citation for the citation to appear in the court's system.
  • Most courts require a major credit card to pay online.
  • You must have your citation number.
  • You must know the court handling your ticket
  • You're subject to a transaction fee.

Other Traffic Ticket Payment Options

You'll need to check your Arkansas traffic ticket for specific payment methods and options.

Generally, AR district courts also allow you to pay your traffic ticket in person or by mail.

You'll need to contact your court to verify how to proceed and which payment methods they accept.

What It Means to Pay Your AR Traffic Ticket

Paying your Arkansas traffic ticket means you're pleading guilty or no contest. Pleading guilty means admitting guilt; pleading no contest means you agree not to contest the charges. In either case, the courts treat the fines and penalties the same.

Some points to remember if you plead guilty or no contest:

Your citation includes a hearing date; generally, courts refer to this date as the “Plea and Arraignment" date. You must plead guilty and pay (or plead not guilty) by this date. Failure to do so results in a driver's license suspension and an arrest warrant.

You can contact your Arkansas district court with any questions.


  • If you have a graduated driver's license (GDL)―which includes an instruction permit, learner's license, or intermediate license―pleading guilty or no contest to a traffic violation can prevent you from moving on to the next license on time.
  • When you plead guilty or no contest to DUI or DWI charges, you face additional fines and harsher penalties.

Plead Guilty as an Arkansas CDL Driver

You'll follow the same procedure to plead guilty or no contest; however, as a commercial vehicle driver, you must notify your employer after receiving a violation.

NOTE: For some violations, commercial drivers face penalties severe enough to end their professional driving careers. Refer to our page on Ticket Fines and Penalties for more information.

Arkansas Driving Record Points

If you plead guilty to a traffic ticket in Arkansas, points will likely be added to your driving record. Unfortunately, Arkansas doesn't offer a voluntary point reduction program.

You'll receive a warning letter once you receive 10 to 13 points on your AR driving record. This letter gives you a heads up so you can improve your driving practices and avoid a driver's license suspension.

Check your driving record after you plead guilty or no contest to make sure the violation doesn't push your points over the limit.

Refer to our AR Driving Records page to find out how to order a copy of your driving record today.

Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates

In Arkansas, a traffic violation doesn't necessarily mean a mandatory increase in auto insurance rates. Whether your rates increase depends on your provider, your policy, and your driving record.

Most auto insurance providers do implement rate increases for violations. Since these rate increases normally don't take effect until it's time to renew the policy, you have some time to compare insurance quotes online and find more affordable coverage.

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