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    Congratulations on your move to Arkansas, where you will find a deep sense of family and community. How apt, then, that the state motto is "Regnant Populus," or "The People Rule." Arkansas has a reputation for having a high quality of life coupled with a low cost of living, unusual to find.

    To make your move a little easier, we've compiled a list of resources to help.

    More About Arkansas

    It's not called The Natural State for nothing. Arkansas has a number of lakes where people enjoy fishing and boating. In many, the water's so clear you can scuba dive or take underwater pictures. There are also state parks to discover. Adventurers choose to go spelunking, hike to waterfalls that give Hawaii a run for its money, or search for diamonds at the only public diamond mine on our planet.

    To encourage people to get out and enjoy this outdoor splendor, the Arkansas government offers many programs for families and seniors.

    The Arkansas History Commission has an in-depth library of military records dating back to the Civil War. If you are interested in American history, you'll really enjoy all the history commission offers.

    Fun Facts About Arkansas

    • Arkansan Joseph T. Robinson was Governor, a U.S. Senator, and a Congressman. Impressive, especially when you consider he did it all in the same year―1913.
    • The Cossatot River in the western part of the state is known as a rough river with wild white water. "Cossatot" means "skull crusher" (derived from the French "casse," meaning "head;" and "tete," meaning "crush").
    • Speaking of skull crushers, the biggest diamond ever discovered in our country is the 40.23-carat "Uncle Sam" diamond, at the Crater of Diamonds State Park.
    • Hemingway was here. He wrote parts of "A Farewell to Arms" at his Piggot space.
    • So was Elvis. Fort Chaffee was where Presley got uniformed up, his famous pompadour shorn, and all the necessary shots to join the Army.
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