Motorcycle License in Arkansas

Motorcycle licenses are gaining in popularity; imagine yourself cruising down the sunny roadways of Arkansas and you, too, can appreciate why motorcycles are so popular. If you are at least 16 years old and have your parents permission (as a minor), you can apply for a motorcycle license. You will need to apply for a license at your local office of the Department of Finance and Administration.

AR Motorcycle Licensing Information

The driver's manual provides the information you need to pass the required written and road tests when you apply for your license.

Review the manual sections that deal with sharing the road and defensive driving; both good sources of information for you as a motorcycle driver.

On testing day, a licensed motorcycle driver must drive your bike to the testing site but if you study and practice you should be able to ride it home.

Motorcycle Safety Courses

The AR DMV encourages all new motorcycle drivers to take the safe riding course.

An important part of the safety course is teaching you about protective gear. You are required to wear goggles or a transparent face shield whenever you drive your motorcycle. All passengers must have foot and arm rests―it's the law.

Helmets are an excellent safety tool and a worthwhile investment. Check the laws in other states before you travel; most states require helmets.

Other drivers have difficulty seeing motorcycles because they are smaller than cars. Motorcycles also accelerate and stop differently than cars or trucks. Keep this in mind when you are sharing the road and try to be noticeable by wearing bright colors and using your lights.

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