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  • Identification Cards in Arkansas

    AR Identification Card Eligibility Requirements

    You'll be able to apply for an Arkansas state identification card if you can provide:

    • A Social Security number (or, conversely, an affidavit confirming that you're ineligible for a SSN).
    • Proof of legal presence in the United States.
    • Proof of identity.

    Apply for an ID Card in Arkansas

    Applying for your Arkansas ID card requires just a few straightforward steps:

    • Head over to your Revenue Office—the local branch of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).
    • Provide the required documentation (primary and/or secondary) proving your eligibility for an ID card.
    • Pay the application fee.

    That’s all there is to it!

    To successfully apply for an ID card in Arkansas, you’ll first need to provide a valid Social Security Number (SSN). If you’re ineligible for one, you’ll have to sign an affidavit officially stating as much.

    Now you need to give the DFA proof of your legal presence in the country. That means being able to produce one of several documents, including:

    • A U.S. passport or a U.S. passport card.
    • A U.S. birth certificate.
    • A U.S. visa

    You’ll also be required to prove your identity to obtain a state ID. For this step, the Department of Finance and Administration accepts either 2 primary documents or a primary and a secondary document together.

    Here are the required documents:

    • A photo driver license. It can’t be expired more than 31 days.
    • A U.S. birth certificate—the original or a certified copy with a raised seal and issued by either the Bureau of Vital Statistics or the State Board of Health.
    • A valid passport. If it’s a foreign passport, you’ll also need to provide the appropriate Immigration and Naturalization Service documentation.

    Among the acceptable secondary documents are:

    • A photo work or school ID.
    • A vehicle title/registration document.
    • A Bureau of Indian Affairs card or an Indian treaty card—but not a tribal identification card.

    The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration accepts a number of other secondary documents, but remember that if you’re presenting a secondary document it must be in conjunction with a primary one, too.

    For more information about required documents please refer to the DFA website.

    As of 2014, you’ll pay a $5 fee to obtain an Arkansas ID card.

    ID Card Renewal

    First-time state ID cards in Arkansas, along with driver’s licenses, expire 4 years after issue on your birthday, upon which you’ll have to renew your ID.

    As of 2014, the renewal cost for an Arkansas ID card was $5.

    Replace Your Lost, Stolen, or Damaged ID Card

    If you’ve misplaced your state ID card, you can replace it the same way you applied for your initial one: by visiting your local Revenue Office.

    The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration charges $5 for a replacement identification card as of 2014.

    Renewal of your identification card can be done via mail or telephone. Be sure to call the Office of Driver Services at (501) 682-7059 with questions about renewing your license.

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