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  • Driving Records in Arkansas

    Driving Records for Employment

    Businesses can order Arkansas driving records as part of their employment screening practices from These driving records provide a history of violations, suspensions, and other details about a person's driving history.

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    Although you can order a driving record directly from the Arkansas ODS, one of the fastest ways to get your Driving Record for Employment Purposes is to order it online through a 3rd-party advertiser, such as They also offer other services such as criminal records, SSN verifications, and other employment screening services.

    Arkansas Driver Records

    An Arkansas driver record shows your driving history in the state and includes your violations, accidents, DUI convictions, and other infractions.

    You may wish to request a copy of your record to make sure that it is complete and up-to-date, and to monitor it for identity theft.

    About Your AR Driving Record

    When you view your Arkansas driving record, you’ll find any:

    • Driver’s license suspensions or revocations.
    • Accidents in which you’ve been involved.
    • Points against your license.

    The specific violations included in the record will depend on which type of driving record you’re viewing (See “Types of AR Driving Records” below).

    Who Sees Your Driving Record?

    While you can request your own driving record, it may also be requested by insurance companies, employers, courts, and government agencies.

    • Insurance companies use driving records to make decisions about whether to raise, lower, or maintain your car insurance rates.
    • Employers often request the driving records of their employees who drive on the job.
    • Courts and government agencies may also request to view your record; if, for example, you’ve been involved in a traffic incident.

    NOTE: Employers and other individuals must have your written consent on a Driving Records Release to request your record.

    Types of AR Driver Records

    The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) offers the following types of driving records:

    • Insurance record.
    • Commercial record.

    You can request either version of your own record.

    Insurance Record

    An insurance record is a 3-year history of your driving violations, accidents, DUIs, and associated points.

    It is most commonly used by drivers and insurance companies to check the status of points, accidents, and other issues that affect insurance premiums.

    Commercial Record

    A commercial record, also called an employment record, is a more complete driver history. It is often requested by employers of professional drivers.

    Information stays on your commercial record for various lengths of time, depending on the type of violation.

    Most minor violations stay on for several years; however, major violations can stay on for many years. If you are concerned about the length of time a violation will stay on your Arkansas driving record, check with your local DMV.

    Ordering an Arkansas Driver Record

    You can order driving records from the Arkansas DFA:

    • Online.
    • By mail.
    • In person.


    When ordering your driving record online, you’ll use the Online Driver Record (Traffic Violation Report) Request System.

    You’ll have the option to select either your insurance record, which is a 3-year record, or your commercial driving record. Regardless of the type you order, you will need:

    • Your AR driver’s license number and issue date.
    • Last 5 digits of your Social Security number.
    • A VISA, MasterCard, or Discover card to pay the applicable fee (see “Fees for AR Driving Records” below).

    Once you complete your order, you’ll be able to print your driving record.

    By Mail

    To request an Arkansas driving record by mail, you will need to:

    • Complete a Driving Records Request form.
    • Pay the applicable fee (see “Fees for AR Driving Records” below).
    • Mail the above to:

    Driving Records
    Room 1130
    P. O. Box 1272
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

    In Person

    To order your record in person:

    • Complete a Driving Records Request form.
    • Visit one of the following locations:
      • An Arkansas Revenue Office.
      • The Little Rock Driving Records Office
    • Pay the applicable fee (see “Fees for AR Driving Records” below).

    Fees for AR Driver Records

    The fees for your driving record will vary based on the type of record you order, as well as the method of ordering.

    • Insurance record:
      • Online: $10.
      • By mail or in person: $7.
    • Commercial record:
      • Online: $13.
      • By mail or in person: $10.

    Correcting Your AR Driving Record

    If you find incorrect information on your driving record, or if you have any questions, call the AR Department of Finance and Administration at (501) 682-7207.

    Since your car insurance provider can access your driving record to help determine your rates, it is important to make sure all of the information on your record is correct.

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