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    Driving with a disability doesn't have to hamper your driving experience. The Office of Motor Vehicle provides handicap license plates and placards for disabled drivers and passengers.

    Disabled passengers and drivers with temporary disabilities may request a handicap placard.


    Do you qualify for a handicap license plate? The Office of Motor Vehicles will determine, after reviewing your application, whether you meet the criteria for a permanent or temporary handicap license plate. The disabilities that typically qualify you are:

    • Walking disability
    • Lung disease
    • Cardiac condition

    Applying for Handicap Plates and Placards

    The application process begins with your own physician. Print the Licensed Physician's or Organization's Certification for Issuance of a Special License Plate or Certificate for a Person With a Disability form and ask your doctor to complete it.

    Take the completed document to any Office of MV, also known as Arkansas Revenue Offices.

    Renewal is exceptionally convenient because you can use the online system. If this is your first online renewal using the STAR system, begin early in the month in case you run into difficulties.

    You can also renew over the phone by calling your local Arkansas Revenue Office.

    Specialty plates allow you to park closer to your destination. Your experiences getting to work, church, shopping, or just out for fun are much more pleasant when you don't have to struggle with walking great distances.

    Traveling With a Disability Placard or Plate

    Arkansas honors unexpired disability placards and plates from other states. Likewise, current Arkansas placards and plates should be acceptable in other states. However, if you are traveling to another state and are concerned about whether your Arkansas disability plate or placard will be accepted there, it might be wise to check with that state's motor vehicle department, or simply look at our Drivers with Disabilities section for the state in question.

    Disabled Motorcycle Plates

    To apply, follow the same steps described above. But you must mail to a different location:

    Department of Finance and Administration
    Special License Unit
    P.O. Box 1272
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72203

    If you opt to apply in person, visit:

    Revenue Division
    Special License Unit
    Ragland Building
    1900 West 7th Street
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

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