Commercial Driver Education in Arkansas

Your commercial driver's education may have started long ago with practical experience, but with safety and equipment issues, and new laws enacted yearly, it is wise to continue your education.

If you are new, education is your first step toward acquiring your Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

State Requirements

Arkansas does not require you to complete a formal CDL training program. However, you will be expected to know everything that is in the CDL manual. You are required to pass the written and road skills tests. Taking a written practice test, which contains a wide range of knowledge from the manual, is a great way to prepare yourself.

Resources for Your Commercial Drivers Education

The Arkansas CDL Manual is your primary resource. The manual will teach you traffic rules, safety requirements, driving skills, and equipment inspection.

Study the manual and keep an updated copy of it in your commercial vehicle; when you have a question or need a refresher the information is handy.


The most important piece of your drivers education may well be learned as you move on down the road. In practice you'll work on handling the equipment, reacting to situations, working through maneuvers, and monitoring your own ability to remain calm.

If you are taking a professional driving course, then your instructor will prepare you for the exam. Driver safety will be a primary topic in your class.

You may want to consider self-study, which allows you to progress at your own pace. Research the internet and talk to your local truckers; there are a variety of resources available for home study.

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