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    Be responsible when drinking alcohol. If you drink, don't drive; if you drive, don't drink. Appoint, or volunteer to be, a designated driver.

    Being aware of how alcohol and drugs affect your driving is important for your safety. When you don't drink responsibly, you can be arrested for DUI/DWI or even worse, you might be involved in a crash.

    Blood Alcohol Content

    A police officer may pull you over for DUI or DWI if you are not accelerating smoothly, stop abruptly, weave out of your lane, or drive dangerously. The most common test for alcohol is the blood alcohol content.

    In Arkansas, if you are old enough to legally drink―21 years old― then you will be charged with DWI if you have .08% BAC. For drivers younger than 21 years old, the limit drops to .02% BAC.

    The BAC limit for commercial drivers is .04% and carries serious consequences, particularly if you are driving a commercial vehicle when you are arrested.

    Drugs and DUI

    Your driver fitness is also affected by medicines and drugs. Some medications, prescription or over-the-counter, can affect your driving. If you take drugs and drink alcohol, you could become sleepy, disoriented, or have trouble seeing.

    Read the warnings and interactions accompanying all medicines to determine whether your driving will be impaired.

    Using illegal drugs, like marijuana or methamphetamines, can be dangerous. Your reaction time, senses, and judgment are all affected when you take drugs and then get behind the wheel.

    Arkansas enforces the Implied Consent Law, which means a law enforcement officer can test you for drugs or alcohol during a traffic stop if he suspects use. When you applied for an Arkansas driver's license, you automatically agreed to the Implied Consent Law.

    DUI and DWI Penalties

    1st DWI

    • License suspended for 6 months and/or 180 days for refusing a BAC test.

    2nd DWI Within 5 Years

    • License suspended for 2 years.

    3rd DWI Within 5 Years

    • License suspended for 30 months.

    4th DWI Within 5 Years

    • License revocation (permanent revocation for 4th offense of reusing a BAC test).


    You must:

    • Complete either an approved drug and alcohol education course, or an approved alcohol and/or drug treatment program for each offense.
    • Pay a $150 reinstatement fee (per offense).

    Once you are reinstated, you must keep a clean record to avoid accumulating administrative points.

    The consequences of DUI are far-reaching. Financially you will spend a lot of money on lawyers, insurance, and even lost time at work. Socially you will be burdened with having to find rides to events and will miss some social outings. When you are arrested for DUI it affects everyone.

    But the law is forgiving and the restitution process is designed to help you emerge from your suspension a safer, more responsible driver. And often, your new appreciation for your driver's license results in a long and safe driving career.

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