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    Alabama Suspended License

    Alabama’s Department of Public Safety can suspend your license for several reasons. Additionally, courts can call for the suspension of your license as part of various criminal convictions and impose additional penalties.

    License suspensions can lead to costly reinstatement fees and even increases in your car insurance premiums.

    Read more to learn about Alabama license suspensions, how to reinstate your license, and reinstatement fees.

    About Your Alabama Suspended License

    When your Alabama driver’s license is suspended, the DPS will send you a written notification. You have 30 days after the effective date of your suspension to surrender your driver’s license to the DPS.

    Reasons for Your Suspension

    You can lose your driving privileges for several reasons, which include:

    • Frequent convictions of serious traffic offenses.
    • Habitual reckless or negligent driving.
    • Inability to drive for any reason, e.g., health issues.
    • Using or permitting the use of your license in an illegal matter, including fraud.
    • Committing an offense in another state that is grounds for suspension in Alabama.
    • Conviction of hit-and-run.
    • Conviction of racing on highways.
    • Failure to appear in court.
    • Failure to pay your court fine.
    • Non-payment of child support.

    NOTE: You may also face suspension as part of court-ordered penalties handed down for certain criminal convictions.

    Point-Based Suspensions

    Alabama uses a point system to help create uniformity when it comes to driver’s license suspension. Various traffic violations will add points to your driving record; an excess of points will result in suspension of your license.

    The length of your suspension depends on the amount of points you have accumulated in a 2-year period:

    • 12 – 14 points: 60-day suspension.
    • 15 -17 points: 90-day suspension.
    • 18 - 20 points: 120-day suspension.
    • 21 - 23 points: 180-day suspension.
    • 24 points (or more): 365-day suspension.

    For more information on points, please see our DMV Point System in Alabama page.

    Check Your License Status

    Your AL driving record is a record of driving history in the state. It will show you everything from accidents you’ve been involved in to your license status (i.e., valid, suspended, or revoked).

    If you’re not sure of your license status, this is the best place to check. It’s also a good idea to monitor your driving record, even if your license status is valid, because it can affect your car insurance rates and sometimes even your employment.

    Check our Alabama Driving Records section for more information.

    Suspension Hearings and Appeals

    When you receive a notice of suspension, you will be given the chance to request an administrative hearing with the DPS to appeal your suspension.

    If your request is received within 10 days of the mailing date of your suspension notice, your license suspension will not start until after your hearing date.

    You may still request a hearing after the initial 10 days; however, your suspension will not be delayed.

    The DPS will not grant hearings to all requests. If you are convicted of an offense that requires a license suspension by law, you will not be granted an administrative hearing.

    You can request your hearing by mail to:

    Driver License Division
    P.O. Box 1471
    Montgomery, AL 36102

    Be sure to include your:

    • Full name.
    • Date of birth.
    • Driver’s license number.

    You may also submit a request online at the DPS website.

    DUI-Related Suspensions in AL

    In Alabama, the DPS can suspend your license regardless of a criminal conviction if:

    • You are found to have driven with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit.
    • You refuse a test for your blood alcohol level.

    You are entitled to an administrative hearing to appeal this suspension (see above).

    If you are criminally convicted for a DUI, you will face the following court-ordered suspension or revocations:

    • 90-day suspension upon your 1st conviction.
    • 1-year revocation upon your 2nd conviction.
    • 3-year revocation upon your 3rd conviction within 5 years.
    • 5-year revocation upon your 4th conviction (or any subsequent convictions) within 5 years.

    NOTE: These suspensions and revocations are in addition to other penalties you face for DUI convictions.

    For more information regarding DUI penalties, please see our DUI & DWI in Alabama page.

    Reinstating Your Suspended AL License

    After your suspension period has terminated, you may request reinstatement of your suspended driver’s license.

    The steps you need to take in order to reinstate your license depend on the reason for your suspension.

    You can complete and submit a Request for Reinstatement Requirements (form DI-46A) in order to find out what steps you need to take to reinstate your license.

    Mail the Request for Reinstatement Requirements (form DI-46A) to:

    Driver License Division
    P. O. Box 1471
    Montgomery, AL 36102

    You will receive the form back from the DPS with instructions on the steps you must follow to successfully reinstate your suspended AL driver’s license.

    A complete list of reinstatement steps will be on the form, but you only need to fulfill the steps that have been marked by the DPS indicating that they apply to you.

    Fees for Suspended Licenses in AL

    All license reinstatements will come with fees.

    The fees for reinstatement depend on the type of suspension or revocation:

    • Suspended/cancelled license: $100.
    • Revoked license: $175.
    • DUI-related suspended license: $275.
    • DUI-related revoked license: $275.

    You may also be required to pay additional fees, based on your specific situation:

    • $25 additional fee for drug-related offenses.
    • $150 fee if your reinstatement requirements involve installation of an ignition interlock.
    • $50 fee for failure to surrender your license within 30 days.
    • $50 fee for failure to pay child support.

    CDL Suspensions in Alabama

    Rules for CDL suspensions can differ from standard driver’s license rules, with most regulations being harsher for commercial drivers. Your CDL can be suspended for a number of violations, including:

    • DUI offenses.
    • Hit-and-run convictions.
    • Committing a felony while operating a commercial motor vehicle.
    • The use of a commercial vehicle for transportation of illegal substances.
    • Railroad crossing violations.
    • Violations of Out of Service Orders.

    Read our Alabama Commercial Drivers section to learn more.

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