Motorcycle Registration in Alabama

In Alabama, motorcycles are registered and licensed just like automobiles and trucks. You must complete the same process. The title application must be completed before the registration can be processed.

Applications for an Alabama title are available at all licensed Alabama motor vehicle dealers, your local tag office, and some banks or credit unions. To get a replacement title, mail your application to:

  • Alabama Department of Revenue
  • Motor Vehicle Division ― Title Section
  • P O Box 327640
  • Montgomery, AL 36132-7640

To apply, you will need:

  • The taxes determined by the cost of the motorcycle and the county you live in, a $15 title application fee, and a processing fee. Contact your local tag office to determine the appropriate fees. Dollar amounts for taxes will not be given over the phone, but they will tell you the fee schedule.
  • The manufacturer's certificate of origin or the original title which has been assigned to you.
  • Any documents, such as a Bill of Sale, that support the transfer of the motorcycle to you.
  • Any prior registration documents which show ownership of the motorcycle.

You must register your motorcycle within 20 days of purchase. You are required to maintain liability insurance by state law, but you do not have to show proof of insurance upon registration.

Motorcycles that are purchased in Alabama will not be inspected when you apply for a tag. If the motorcycle comes from out of state, it must be inspected by an official at the tag office.

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